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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by morefan, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Okay.........I know this has been discussed many, many times. I have spent hours upon hours researching this, and have yet to find what I need. I will try to keep this brief while explaining what I am looking for.
    Some customers are "per job" price, i.e., mowing service: $45.00. Fine, no problem.
    Some customers are set up on a monthly maint. fee. Again, no problem.
    Some customers have a monthly fee (includes mowing and fertilization) and then also a "time and material" set up (mulch applications, sprinkler repair, flowerbed maint., etc.).
    Some customers have no monthly fee.....all "time and materials". These last 2 types are where it gets tricky.

    I want to continue with my mindset of entering my data from the work logs. (date, cust., description, time, materials), but I want that daily data entry to convert to an invoice/statement @ the end of the month.

    Though long-term, I have grand ideas of how the pda/smartphone/palm, work logs, scheduling, time-tracking, and accounting would all work together....short-term, I am just looking for a better way to do invoicing.

    I want to enter the following DATA: Date (of service), Description (tasks performed), Hrs, Rate, (these 2 for labor), Qty, rate (these 2 for materials-----might need several of these i.e., 6 flats, 4 pop-ups, 2 rotors, (you get the picture). Data is entered on a daily basis, invoice is created @ end of month. I want customization as to what columns (from above) are seen on screen, and which ones are printed on invoice.
    Basically, my customers would receive invoice with date of service, description, and amount (amount of labor and all materials totaled for me......without a separate line item for each.)
    I have tried to make LawnPro work for me........just too many mathematical mistakes within the program, have downloaded numerous free trials....some industry specific, some not, currently use QB Pro, but can't seem to customize to how I need it. Anyone have any suggestions as to possible solutions? (yes.........I failed miserably regarding the "keep it brief" attempt).
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    QExpress with Quickbooks should do most if not all of this. It will take some work to set it up.
  3. he is right we use and love it takes a little time to set up but you will love it in the long run
  4. harrislawncare1

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    Quick Books It's worth the effort and will Grow with your company
  5. newtostone

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    I use quickbooks, it took a while to get the hang of it, but once i got to know my way around i cant live without it. Give it a shot if you get some free time over the winter and yoll be ready to rock and roll come spring.
  6. MowHouston

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    Seems like Gopher should be able to do all of this for you, did it not work out? And why?
  7. bone1

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    lawnpro sucks! i hate it. the invoices are way too aggravating! plus the guy that owns it will never r-mail me back! i see you are already using qb pro. that's what i went to also. it's a headache trying to get just the right software.
  8. morefan

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    I wasted way too much time on LawnPro.........just dealing with the glitches. Too many unexplained errors. I kept getting "we'll check into that and get back with you". Which they didn't. The final "straws" that caused me to give up on the program came when I kept finding mathematical errors. One example: Total income for the year equaled "X". However, when I totaled the 12 "monthly" incomes, the total was "Y". What????? Man.......I lost a lot of time trying to make that program work.
    I am currently using QBPro and customized Excel spreadsheets.
  9. willretire@40

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