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I can't happen to me

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by howardsells2000, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. howardsells2000

    howardsells2000 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 355

    Well it did, I finished mowing for the day and drove to my son's house to pick him up for the weekend. He wanted to stop at Wal Mart on the way home. So we get done shopping and I come out and find someone has stolen my Echo PAS 260 power head and trimmer attachment, my Echo PB 751T back pack blower and 5 gallons of gas that I just purchased. I still can't believe it. That's close to $1000.00 in equipment. Now first thing in the morning I need to go buy new equipment. I have insurance but I'm unsure of the deductible. I will find out tomorrow. I'm also unsure as to whether or not this will be covered by my auto policy or business policy.

    It just pisses me off. Here I am working hard to make a living and some jerk that is probably not working steals my stuff. My stuff was just sitting in the back of my open utility trailer. It wasn't locked so it's my fault but you never think it will happen to you. As much as I like having my open trailer it makes me think that the cost to replace this equipment added to what I paid for my trailer would have paid for an enclosed trailer. Live and learn.

    Wal Mart security camera's did catch the whole thing but you can't make out a tag number or faces. I did get a good look at the truck and will be keeping my eyes open for them. I'm sure nothing will come of it but I did make a police report.

    It's hard to get ahead sometimes.
  2. JJLandscapes

    JJLandscapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 682

    sucks but i guarantee that jerk is working and is a landscaper
  3. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 21,653

    Sorry you are learning the same lesson every last landscaper learns, sooner or later all of us have something stolen, here are some tips:

    - Buy a sturdy and long chain and a set of padlocks (3 or 4 is cheaper in a set). Use the chain to secure everything in your truck / trailer and lock it, always. At people's yards in any neighborhood (fancy or not), also use the other lock or 3 to lock your trailer gate and I also lock the trailer hitch clip (I pulled the clip and threw it away, now a lock holds the trailer onto the ball). If you ever decide to buy trimmer racks, spend the money to get ones you can lock.

    I stopped carrying fuel onboard not because of theft but because when fuel sits in the hot sun, it boils, yes, literally. Octane is to fuel what carbonation is to soda, when fuel boils, you're boiling octane, nevermind evaporation. I fuel up my mower the night before, it runs all day on a tank and I can always swing by a fuel station should I forget to fill'er up - I also carry a fuel syphon kit because the truck can refuel the Wb as well, while my fuel cans sit at home under the house where it is dark and cool.

    As for 2-cycle fuel, most of my stuff also runs all day on a tank, I use just as much throttle as I need to do the job and I NEVER leave 2-cyclers running when I set them down. Just in case, an old oil bottle is in the truck with a quart of mix, these bottles tend to leak a little so they have to sit upright.

    Hope that helps, I've never been the same since my br-420 got stolen one winter.
  4. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 21,653

    Other tricks help as well:

    Take a black magic marker and write on your 5-gallon cans this BS:

    - NOT FOR CAR -

    Obviously, the can of mix needs to have MIX written on it.

    And if you can find some leaded fuel, consider adding a little to each gas can as well. More often than not you can only find lead in racing fuels, I usually buy a couple of gallons of Sunoco 110 octane leaded racing fuel (it's only 5.30 a gallon) and add a pint of this to every 5 gallons of premium. Racing fuel is mostly additives anyway, it doesn't even smell like gasoline but the pint I add is like adding a small bottle of good additive to all my fuel at a cost of 66 cents a pint instead of the 2-3 dollar store-bought additive bottles.

    Nobody steals my gas, but if someone did, I would laugh pretty hard.
  5. Sandgropher

    Sandgropher LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 903

    Very sorry to here of the loss, take Toppies advice, also check out your second hand dealers, pawn shops etc not sure what you can do if you do find it (where ever it is) you would need proof its yours (hopefully serial no.s or engraving) if its in the dealers cops may be able to find who sold it & match with the tape footage, if you see it being used on a job do not approach & get rego no.s etc and call cops.

    Another option is put a wanted ad in your local paper (or surrounding areas)

    Wanted back pack blower etc for home owner must be reas condition will pay up to $$$( some thing like that) and see what calls you get if that dosnt work after a reas amount of time put reward offered etc. good luck:cry:
  6. eyes&earsopen

    eyes&earsopen LawnSite Member
    Messages: 66

    Did you watch Scarface - "never underestimate the other guy's greed". Or something like that. I feel for you but unless I'm entering a building that is all glass and I can watch my equipment I stay nervous. I just don't trust anybody. I know I have been lucky, but I'm starting to expect somebody to pop me just so I condition myself to get ready for some type of setback. Good luck with everything.
  7. Mrk'sLawn

    Mrk'sLawn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 133

    Sorry to hear that. I have not had anything stolen yet. I am pretty careless when it comes to locking up when I'm at a customers house. I often disappear into the back for extended periods of time. I'm going to start being more watchful and locking my stuff all the time. I can't afford to replace gear. Insurance or not...
  8. Randy J

    Randy J LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,124

    Business. Auto only covers the vehicle itself, and things necessary for it's operation - jack, spare, etc.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. About 3 years ago, I had a couple of saws (one was a customized hotshot chainsaw - $$$) stolen out of my truck. Filed a police report, and checked all the local pawn shops, but never saw them again. I had insurance, but it still stunk! I really wanted MY saws back.
  9. Freddy_Kruger

    Freddy_Kruger LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,064

    I went to walmart yesterday and bought a digital camera but I had a steal cable looped through the gas cans, the mower, echo trimmer and echo blower. I was still paranoid..
    I was paranoid about that happening right from the start.
    I know a guy that went in a bar for a couple drinks came out , and someone stole his extention ladder.
  10. newz7151

    newz7151 LawnSite Silver Member
    from Tejas
    Messages: 2,419

    One day.. it will be legal to electrify your vehicle when you are away from it. Like the car in that James Bond movie. Just make sure your little 1"X1" sticker that warns of the possiblity of death by electrocution is posted somewhere on the outside of the vehicle.

    "Hey officer.. if the guy couldn't read the sign, how is that my fault.. I took the steps to warn him. Now get his smoldering carcass away from my truck.. thanks."

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