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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by coolluv, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. coolluv

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    Looking for some thoughts on a way to be able to hear my phone when working. Ive tried the vibrate and ring thing with no success. I'm open to ideas. Phone, earphones + Phone you get the idea. I miss too many calls when working and even considered an answering service. Does anyone use an answering service, if so who do you use and what does it cost?

    What do you guys do to keep from missing calls? Wish I had an office person but for right now I'm the office person and the labor and the advertiser and customer service you get the idea.

    I'm in the market for a new phone anyway.

    Help, Dave...
  2. gasracer

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    Even if you could use earphones inside your headset you still couldn't answer it unless you stopped and turned off the mower. This could get aggravating. I leave my phone in the truck and check it between clients. I don't think I am so important that I can't be out of touch for 45 minutes at a time.
    You can get online answering services from Google.
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    I use Shure IEM SE210 or the newer replaceable cable SE425 but those are pretty spendy. I'm plugged in to a Droid phone never miss a call....unless I want to. I also never miss text messages or even emails. I select different alert tones for each.

    Both are -20+ db by themselves but are not enough hearing protection by themselves. If you are counting on these to protect you hearing solo with out the additional external layer you are heading for a hearing aid down the road.

    I also wear an additional layer of hearing protection -30bd on top of that with Peltor H10A. Most of the the lawn cutters and power equipment operators out there are not wearing any protection unless it is a bigger Co. mandating by policy.
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  4. Exact Rototilling

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    I've struggled with the answering service thing myself. It helps if the person answering the phone has a clue what is going on...not just a person who can take a message and fog a mirror. Someone to just answer a phone helps but is not a cure. That's why I'm putting email on my next batch of flyers and door hangers. That also goes to my smart phone.
  5. Roger

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    I've tried everything to hear my phone ring too. It is on highest sound level, vibrate, but not always is heard. I've carried in my pants pocket and in a breast pocket. The breast pocket is the best place. I carry a flip phone, so it is small.

    The problem is that I get "false positives." By that, I mean that I believe I feel the vibrate, but it isn't the phone. This happens often with the string trimmer, and with the ZTR. The vibration in the handles works its way up to the arms, and I think it is the phone vibrating. The arm is close to the phone in the breast pocket when running these two pieces.

    The times I do hear it, and with the ZTR running WOT, I cannot hear. I answer ASAP, but yell into the phone "Hang on for a moment." People do not understand that I am unable to hear talk on the phone while the machine is running, ... and they know exactly what I'm doing, except not on their property. My yell, "Hang on ..." is ignored, and people just start talking. By the time I shut down, get off the machine, and get 25 feet from the machine, they have already made big progress into their conversation, ... which has to be repeated.

    In some cases, people have hung up, after I answer the phone with the ZTR running WOT. They hear the loud sound, and believe they have the wrong number. By the time I've shut down, and walked 25 feet away, they call back, thinking their first call was a wrong number.

    No good answer to your question from me, ... just the same question.
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    When a call comes in on Shure IEM ear buds I look at the display and I know if it is a current customer or not. Current customers are in Google contacts. Ok so the engine is running and I'm running equipment idle down step.away already ..not a big deal. 4-5 calls per hour is a.big deal for me in the spring is very disruptive to getting work.done.
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  7. coolluv

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I will keep trying to figure it out, it seems like people always call when I can't hear them. I could be driving or doing something that doesn't require a loud piece of equipment and I will hardly get a call. But fire up a piece of equipment, even for a short time, and I will look at my phone to see a missed call. Never fails.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  8. Green Feet Lawn

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    I leave my phone in truck. After each customer, I check phone, messages and return calls. I have on my voicemail, that I may miss the call due to operating equipment. Even if they don't leave a message, I return the call.

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