I can't please those who matter the most.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by WHIPPLE5.7, May 6, 2007.

  1. WHIPPLE5.7

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    This year is kind my pre-startup year. I have purchased some equipment but I'm mostly building up to run full time with it next year. Even though I work about 55 hours a week at my day job I have been powerraking, mowing, edging, etc. on my days off and in the evenings. Two reasons for killing myself like this. First one is to make more money so I can buy more equipment and reason two is so I can start building a customer base for next year when I won't have my other income any more. I have had a fair amount of powerraking jobs and mowing jobs and the customers have been really pleased and are already calling me back for other services. Here is my problem. Every time I have to buy something I need to get jobs done my wife gives me some attitude over spending money on I'm guessing things she doesn't approve of. Yesterday my walkbehind mower was not picking the grass clippings very good and I'd been needing a new one for awhile so I went and got a Hydro drive Honda at Homedepot for $720. Now I had a great mower that would make me money and make my life easier in the process. Well when she saw that $720 was spent a mower she started laying it on about how am I going to make any money if I spend it all. I just about lost it. If there was ever time I could smack a women that would have been it but I just kept the rage inside and I'll probably have heart attack at 30 from this crap.
  2. DaughtryLC

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    Dont worry she will come around. Me and my wife still laugh about her saying "you will never make money cutting grass" Im not throwing it in her face we just have good fun with it!
  3. PatriotLandscape

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    Well get used to it she'll be the only reason you make a dime. Listen to her.

    Also it isn't cool coming on here and saying you were thinking about hitting a women. It's just not right.
  4. Woody82986

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    My ex fiancee was very supportive of my business. My current girlfriend of over a year wants absolutely nothing do to with it and couldn't care less about it. I don't think she has asked me how my day has gone in over a year. Any time I try to talk about it, she just ignores me. I finally just gave up. It's no big deal to me anymore. Instead of talking to her about it, I just talk to a friend about it. Most of the time, people will come around when they realize that it will be an important part of your life for a long time to come. I still get the, "why don't you get a real job?" runaround from time to time.
  5. LindblomRJ

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    Did you discuss the purchase before you made it? Wife and I discuss the purchase before hand. I come prepared with price and justification.

    It took a while for my wife to come around.
  6. jonboysmole

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    Ya, communication's not a bad idea!
  7. bohiaa

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    well I hope you have a DBA and an accountant.....

    all this equipment is almost FREE.........

    on top of that there is depression cost....

    If I'm not mistaken "I was going over some of the cost Friday with my

    accountaint" there's like a 10,000 dollar credit right off the bat.....

    Not to include earned income credit, and what's called start up cost....

    if ya work it right you had better be ready to go spend about 7 to 8 thousand

    this year...... you get the credit anyway.....
  8. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Not like I was going to hit her. I was just expressing my anger. If business is good why not buy the equipment you need. Its not like I'm buying stupid things. All of my extra money spent this year was on things for my business. If I can start out the beginning of next year with lots of customers and have new equipment that is already paid for in full I don't think she'll be complaining then. I could easily gross $2,000 a week starting next year with the right equipment.
  9. LindblomRJ

    LindblomRJ LawnSite Silver Member
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    I drafted a business plan for me and my wife to follow. It is something that should be done during the slow time of the year. Shows what the goals, expenses were. Make the expectations and assumptions and realistic views of expenses clear. Also note equipment purchases.
  10. jonboysmole

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    You MUST have a plan and even though your stuff is paid for you still have to maintain it and someday replace it.

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