I can't post of Facebook market place. I can post on Facebook buy and sell groups

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by R&ROutdoorservicesofMI123, Apr 11, 2019.

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    What am I doing wrong? I can't post lawn care on the marketplace but I can post it on the local buy and sell groups. I also have a business account. So what can I do post on the marketplace? Before Facebook got taken to the Supreme Court I could post on the Marketplace but about a week after that I could it said that it Goes against their Policies.
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    You should read the Marketplace Terms of Service:



    They're not censoring you, they're pushing you to paid advertising.
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    Now I get it! We posted an ad for my son's old mower in Marketplace. It was going well with a ton of responses and then 'poof' it was restricted and under review. The verbiage included things like starting a lawn service, commercial, lawn care, etc. The bots read that and assumed that we were advertising for a business without paying for it!

    That's the rub, you have to pay to advertise on their platform. The local buy sell groups don't really fall under the same reviews or restrictions. Just like you can post on your personal page all day long that you have a lawn service.
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    Facebook sucks … if you want all your private info sold all over the place go to facebook…. Zuckerbuck is a loser... wouldn't give them a penny !!

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