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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pseudosun, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. pseudosun

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    This man's wife passed and he bought a corvette and mustang. Ever since, he's been on me about dust on car, and to skip an area, don't skip an area, just do it lightly, he said he'll spray it, and changes his mind when i follow his orders. Today, he said every time i cut, he has to dust and wash his car. I don't see how's it's possible to be dust free. His girlfriend took off in mustang when i was behind house, and she washed it. She thought i was done, and parked, so now i couldn't cut around the washed car. It's making me very angry. There isn't someone there to move car everytime i cut, and today, this lady was trying to do sign language to me from inside the mustang. I was so mad, i ignored her. It's a tight area, and i think i've hit my limit. I may let him go, because i don't think i can please him with keeping dust off, but i know that any other service will have the same issue. I'm just frustrated. Have you dealt with shiny car issues? I'm not the bad guy.
  2. larryinalabama

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    At least the dude found a new wife real fast.

    Don't know what too tell ya.
  3. Mark Oomkes

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    Buh bye!

    Life is too short to deal with idiots.
  4. RussellB

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    I'd sell him some new sod.
  5. alldayrj

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    Tell him to buy a garage if he is such a high roller
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  6. pseudosun

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    I think he'll go through whatever money he received. The lady is a girlfriend; the third one i've seen. It's inevitable that something will happen to those cars. One is in an open driveway, and the other is under a tin shelter he just put up. I tried to get a pic, but when i was getting my phone ready, i noticed the woman in the mustang looking at me:)
  7. dKoester

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    This guy has a shiny obsession. Find you another client then replace him. When you work for yourself you can pick and choose you clients when you have been around long enough. I'd talk to him first, tell him about the issue your having and then watch his reaction or response. I personally don't deal business with people who won't work with you regarding their vehicles. Hope all goes well.
  8. pseudosun

    pseudosun LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I tried to talk to him a few weeks ago, and he said, just trim lightly, and then i told him that it would still get on the car. He said "do the best you can", and walked off. So today, i left the grass uncut around the car. When i get to the point of dreading going back, it's time to move on, and i dread it.
  9. whiffyspark

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    Blow the car off?
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  10. dKoester

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    Yeah man then it sounds like you need to move on.

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