I changed all my lights to LEDS

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by PMASON718, Apr 10, 2009.

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    If anyone is interested in doing this. Here is some info on Optronics, the company I went with. They can be found here.

    Here is what you will need

    MCL-65AB Amber Clearance lights (2x) $5.04 (6 diodes)

    MCL-65RB Red Clearance lights (7x) $5.04 (6 diodes)

    MCL-65ARB Amber/Red Fender Clearance Light (2x) $6.39 (6 diodes)

    STL-70RB Stop/Turn/Taillight (2x) $20.35 (48 diodes)

    LPL-41CB License Plate lights (1x) $8.97

    What you don't need

    You don't need the the mounting bracket/Grommet or plug if your trailer already has it. If it doesn't then you will need those items and the price will change a little.

    If you would like to compare or see there LEDS look here

    Here is a pic of my trailer. Be sure to count your lights b4 making a purchase


    PS I will post pics later in the week when the weather permits
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    Can you get a strobe feature on them?
    I want to have my 4 ways strobe:canadaflag:

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