I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Darryl G, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Darryl G

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    Well, I was at the local McDonalds today getting breakfast and watching a landscape crew do some parking lot clean-up. One guys was using a hand blower while the other was sweeping with a small straw broom and a snow shovel. He had all sorts of trash in it. When the shovel was full, the guy goes and dumps it behind an arborvitae. The funny thing is that the dumpster was only a few feet further away.

    The worst part was the other guy emptied the grass catcher from his mower into the garbage can near the exit to the place. He had to mash it to get it all to fit, and didn't even pick up what he dropped. I was going to go in the store and talk to the manager and tell him what I just say and hand him my business card, but decided against it.

    I can't believe that any that lazy would even work in this business!
  2. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Yea, Its amazing how some guys skimp on the quality of the job there supposed to be doing. Maybe their burned out or more likely their boss aint watching well anough. Its hard to find good help.
  3. Mr_Marc

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    You should have gone in and talked with the manager.
    If the grounds are corp owned great. If not get the number of the management company. Either way present yourself in a business manner and do say that this type of behavior is unacceptable. I wonder how many home owners witnessed this. And they just think we cut grass for a living.

    "I can't believe that any that lazy would even work in this business!"

    Yup giving us a bad name
  4. Green Pastures

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    I believe it.

    As long as we continue to NOT complain to managers about things like that and then present our business cards it will continue to happen.

    What a horrible example to all who saw that.

    If one of my employees did that I'd fire them on the spot and they would have to call a taxi to get home. :angry:
  5. Darryl G

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    Like I said, I was going to talk to the manager but decided against it. It was a matter of timing. I had some major banking transactions to do that involved 3 different banks in 2 different towns and a customer appointment to get to. I didn't want to have to rush in and out, and I'd rather have some sort of presentation ready. That, and I couldn't help but thinking that I probably didn't want to work for someone who would hire such a lame contractor.

    Unless things have changed, the "restaurant" is owned by a local guy who owns 2 others as well. I don't know who the contractor was. There was no sign on that beat up little Toyota with a JD walk-behind in it.

    I forgot to mention that the guy with the hand blower showered my new truck with mulch and sand as I was turning the corner at the drive-through.

    I may still stop in and talk to the manager, but I don't think I really even want the job.
  6. Gravely_Man

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    Darryl what are you complaining about I was just trying to sandblast the side of your truck clean! Just kidding obviously. It is frightening the amount to totally substandard work that is done and a lot of people find this acceptable.

  7. fblandscape

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    Darly, if that had been me, and they went and blew junk all over my new truck, I would have thrown the truck in park, gone right up to the idiot who did it, and executed the choke slam, or some other move which would convey to them that I was pissed and that they are screwed.
  8. LawnGuy73

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    You should've gone in and talked to the manager, I would've...
  9. Tharrell

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    Good luck. Those places are cheap and they are getting what they paid for. There's a credit union down the street from my house that looks like you know what all the time. The guy uses a Murray rider and leaves streaks of grass and windrows all the time. He does it on saturday with his wife and kid and it takes him all day. During the week he rides a garbage truck. I won't mention his appearance. I've often thought about striping a small section and going in the next day to see the manager but they are probably paying him 1/4 of what it would take me to do it.

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