I cut a mismarked telephone wire today

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAPT Stream Rotar, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Funny you say that. I asked one of the telco linemen out here what the code was on burial depth for phone lines, and he said there is no code. I do however agree that if a phone line is buried right next to an existing sprinkler, then the telco is responsible for repairing any breaks on their dime. It's one thing to utilize existing trenches for wire runs, but when I see wire run right next to a sprinkler (landscape lighting is the most common that I see) many very dirty words come flying out of my mouth.
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    In Missouri there is NO code as to how deep phone or TV has to be burried. My area is very rocky and I have cut phone lines as shallow as 2 inches. The contractos just get it deep enogh that it cant been seen and call it good.
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    I seem to recall, last year, in CO, that they made an amendment to the "Call before you dig" law (rule?) that said routine irrigation and lawn repairs/work were no longer required to be located.
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    Sweet. Where do i find that so I can print it out?
  5. DanaMac

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    You've got your eye on his daughter, don'tcha? :laugh:
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    I seem to luck out as relates to phone lines. They always seem to be deep enough to be out of easy reach. Cable TV is another matter.

    Ever see the cable TV installs in neighborhoods with underground utilities, in that time period before boring missiles came into use? You'd see where they rock-sawed the street, to drop in a cable, and pave over it.
  7. DanaMac

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    I've seen cable installers lay the cable on the ground after it was raked out, and just had the sod lay directly on top.

    I have seen aerators puncture both phone and cable lines.
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    Did a lanscape renovation a few years back where phone line was laid on the ground just before they rolled the sod. Need less to say it was probably the HO or shady contractor. For new construction (in CA) no code for low voltage, however all new construction they go 18". The renovations are usually nightmares.
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    Where they have a tri-party arrangement, the phone and cable and electric all comes in by way of a single trench, that is at least 18 inches deep.
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    Seriously, I do understand the need for calling in for locates. But realistically there is no way I am having 20-30 homes a day called in for what may or may not need digging. If I'm sitting in the office all day coordinating this crap, or hiring someone else to do it, my rates go up and I'm already on the high end for my area.

    Quite often when I call for locates, only phone and cable get located. The main utilities don't bother showing up half the time.

    One little story. I was working on an install many moons ago, before I was on my own. And one of the landscape guys was hammering in the 12" stake that holds the metal edging in place that is between the grass and rock. As he was hammering in the stake, he hit the electric that fed the house. Knocked the sh!t out of him, went to the hospital, and was OK. But the grade had changed over the years before they got there, and the electric was now less than 12" deep.

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