I dethatched, now what?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by crc13, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. crc13

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    I am new to this, I have just finished dethatching my lawn, or thatching it, whatever it is called. What should I be putting on this lawn now? I am in Wisconsin.
  2. Microbe

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    For the average lawn, a good 1/4 inch dressing of organic matter. A nice lite top soil or compost that smells nice and earthy and crumbles easily, or your basic peat moss. Put it down relatively "spelling," heavy then with a spring rake, rake it in. You can use both sides of the rake which ever is easier for you. Then I would recommend a microbial innoculant which also has benefical fungi to stimulate the ground and help to add beneficial nutrients as well as add beneficial soil life. You can use a good slow release fertilizer but go easy on the nitrogen. I believe I use 5-4-2 or somthing I don't have the bag next to me, chemical ferts will have much more nitrogen. After you applied your organic matter and fertilizer, over seed using a grass strain suitable for your area. I use a mix of perrenial rye, red fescues, blue grass. In very hot area's were there's little water I over seed using TTTF because of its deeper roots. Also a soil test never hurts either, whenever you wana get one done just ask on these boards what to do....
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    first i aint a fan of dethatching (in most cases) it is a harmful, stressful event for the turf and does nothing about thatch (if you indeed have a thatch problem)
    anyway, fert /with preemergent crabgrass control, water it in....take the rest of the day off
  4. crc13

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    Thanks for the advice. Any particular kind of fertilizer? I would do all the other stuff mentioned earlier, but I have 3/4 acre city lot.
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    Take a few days off to recover! I an not a fan of detaching either. you would get more benefit from core aeration. and its less work! but anyway, get a good quality fertilizer with pre-m, you should be able to find it at a garden center.

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