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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Royallawncare, Jul 24, 2005.

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    During Recent weeks i have been very intrigued by the thread started by PTP who as many know started with a very strange business plan last season and has since been very successful. In a way he has shoved it right back in the faces of all the doubters. I too this year am planning on doing something very similar. I started my life in the lawncare business 5 years ago at the age of 12 when my uncle purchased 2 used aerators from a local dealer. He used these aerators one month out of the year as a side business and was able to make a few thousand each year off of them I was assigned to knock on doors pass out flyers and mark the sprinklers of the potential customers. I did this for a few years until he allowed me to run one of them full swing to help ease his load I was able to pick up a few maintenance contracts around my neighborhood at this time. The next summer my same uncle was able to pick up a few sprinkler repair jobs that he would often have me come along to earn more money. I am very mature both physically and mentally for my age. When i turned 16 and was able to drive my uncle expressed interest in getting rid of his aerators I immediately purchased them from him and paid them off 3 days they have since been a wonderful investment bringing in loads of money. With this increased interest in the industry i began an advertising campaign passing out flyers each day after school sadly enough i printed up over 2000 and only was able to pass out 900 of them because i became to swamped in my work to quickly with these 900 flyers i was able to aerate just a little over 600 properties and pick up 18 new mowing accounts i am now at 23 total weekly accounts i only aerate during the spring as i dont have time with my mowing to accomadate this service. I am a very busy person my family is very prominant in this area which has helped with my business. During this coming year i plan on adding 180 + full time accounts and hiring out my work I will become more efficient this way because of scheduling etc... I know this may be a little early to be planning for next year but i want to get a jump start so i will be prepared. I plan on running 2-3 man crews using minimal equipment and a high rate of customer satisfaction i believe i will be very successful this coming year please help me with my goals and bring on the criticism!

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