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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Dan1944, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. Dan1944

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    Well, it's been raining all day so I did some serious dealer haggling and bought my first ZTR today. I purchased the Hustler Mini (first choice) over a Toro 100 series and Exmark HP series. Toro does not have IMHO enough HP for a 52" cut , 19Hp . Exmark and Hustler match up with same motor 23 twin Kaw, however the Hustler has the newer type Air Cleaner as standard, it was a add on with the Exmark. Bottom line was 7195.00, with mulching kit, set up and delivered. I wish it would stop raining so I can make some money to pay for it!!!

    P.S. they matched prices

    Dan the lawn care man:D
  2. Floridalandcare

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    Good choice brother your gonna love it ,Did you take my advice ar not if you didnt no hard feelings ,80miles is a long way to drag a trailor
  3. Dan1944

    Dan1944 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your input, I spoke to Dave over the phone and he gave me a slightly higher price. I feel pretty confident that I got a fair price locally, he probaly would have matched the price. But 80 miles is a way to go. Oh yeah, I traded in my trailer too. a 5x10 was a bit to small with a 52 " deck. I went to a 6 x 12. I get that tomorrow, the Mini next week, the distributer in Florida had one in stock and now it has my name on it.

    Dan the lawn care man:blush:
  4. Green Pastures

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    I got a Toro (252?) it's got a 52" cut with a 26 hp engine for less than that. I paid $6950 out the door. How come you're comparing the Toro 100 series Z-Master the these other riders??? Must be the difference in Florida prices and Virginia's.

  5. mowerconsultant

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    Congrats !!!!
    You will love this unit.
    I have a Super Mini 24/52 and I have been doing a lot of demos to dealers and end users, everyone loves it !!
    Sounds like you got a great deal also.
    Let us know how much you like it once you get to mow with it.

  6. Dan1944

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    The Toro 100 series is the small commercial, "footprint" line for Toro, the Exmark Hp series and the Hustler mini series are also small footprint models. I service all small residential lots, some with gated back yards, the above models will allow me to get through all of them. The Toro comes with a 19 Kaw, In Florida if you get rained out for 2 or 3 days in a row ,has happened here this spring and summer, during growing season (9 months ) a 19 hp anything will be underpowered on St. Augustine grass (Crabgrass up noth) unless you want to cut it 3 times. Btw my hustler dealer is about 3/4 of a mile as the crow flys from my house. I did get a quote from another Hustler dealer and he was higher then my local guy.

    Dan the (slighty faster now) lawn care man:rolleyes:
  7. Floridalandcare

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    No IN my opinion Hustler manufactures machines that are by by far superior to most of the machines on the market, they look at what the professional mainteance company is looking for and goes with the idea .The fact that we live in Florida has nothing to do with anything ,as a matter of fact the Z's are not a real big item in my area ,there fairly new here and ot of people will and have been opening their eyes to them . You cannot compare a Mini to a Z-Master for one the speed of the Mini is by far alot faster than the Z-Master , and I know that if you put the two machines side by side ,you know as well s I do wich one is built better .The Hustler i and will set the standard for serious LMO operations

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