I didnt fold this time

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by packerbacker, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. packerbacker

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    Last year i raised about 50% of my customers up and only 1 complained. I kept him at the price, I figured I would rather lose the extra $150.00 I would make that year compared to $1200.00 if I would of gotten rid of him.

    A couple weeks ago I sent out my spring letters letting all my customers know I would be around in the next few weeks to get mulch laid, winter growth cut back, etc.etc. His was the only house I increased this year and it was $5.00 taking it up to $35.00 a mow.

    Today I got a call asking me why I was again, trying to raise his price up. I explained to him about the cost of gas, equipment and basically how much it costs to run a business. He then told me he had found a door hanger on his front door last week stating they would mow and trim his bushes for $25.00! He said the door hanger was basically a photo copy from a magazine of some guy sitting on a mower that he attached his name to. I told him if it was me I'd hire the $25.00 guy but I would also ask for proof of insurance and a copy of his business lisecence. I told him I doubt he could provide it.

    Halfway through the conversation of me explaining for the 3rd time why I was raising my price he asked me again if I would do it for $30.00 and for the 3rd time I said no. I then told him to call the $25.00 guy, have him come out and see what he says and then call me next week with his decision. Right before hanging the phone up he asked me again to do it for $30.00. I then told him if he wanted to give me and my family $30.00 dentist visits (he's a dentist) then I would mow his yard for $30.00. He laughed and told me no. I laughed and told him no. He said he would call me next week.

    Guy like this piss me off. 35 years old, single, $350,000 house, and a Lexus SUV and he's bitching about $5.00 a week. Since last fall Ive picked up about 6 new houses totalling an extra $300.00 a week to my income. Im getting calls like crazy now for work and I'm realizing I dont need clowns like this. Im not E- bay for crying out loud. If you dont like my price get someone else.
  2. cward

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    Good job. Sounds like you handled yourself very professionally. I bet he calls you back next week willing to pay $35 per mow.
  3. Lawnkeeper

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    You did the right thing. Gas prices are now a huge cost.

    When he calls you back, if he goes with someone else, let him know that if he isn't happy with their service, you will be glad to take him back. that is at 35 a mow and if you want him back.
  4. tonygreek

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    when he calls you back, tell him you're fresh out of the $35 mows, but you might have a couple of $50 jobs laying on a shelf in the back.
  5. CuttingCrew

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    If he doesn't call next week, he'll call after 2 or 3 "discount" cuts.

    Good job. Never bargain away your bottom line. :cool:

  6. TeamFla

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    Great Story, Interested to see how that $25.00 guy works out . Kinda lets ya know what your service and dependability mean to this customer.
  7. Green lawns

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    He knew from the start owning his own business that cost go up! Shame on him, you just might not be there when he needs you.
  8. packerbacker

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    I dont mind taking him back but like I told him, it will be on my terms. I set the prices, take it or leave it.
  9. bobbygedd

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    you didn't fold? congradulations.....that's one in a row
  10. packerbacker

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    gotta start somewhere

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