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i didn't need cutting?


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did you ever have a customer refuse to pay for a cut, because they said, "it didn't need to be cut?" and, if yes, did you somehow, some way, get the money for that cut, in a "different " way?" example, i'm not saying this happened, but it's just "hypothetical": customer says he wont pay for a cut you billed him for, because in his opinion, it didn't need to be cut. even though you are contracted for weekly mowing. now, instead of arguing with the guy, would you, maybe, instead of putting down that costly merit treatment he is paying you for, perhaps just apply some real cheap fertilizer, thus making up for the price of the cut, and a little extra for your agrivation? not saying i have done this, or ever would, this is strictly for conversation purposes.


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just for conversation purposes YES you can't get away with screwing me out of my money. Just for conversation



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So far I have been lucky with my mowings and never been refuted on pay for mowings that really did not need to be done.
ON the other Hand I got screwed on a major clean up. And yes it was one of my weekly mow jobs.
I did get my money in a round about way.
I trimmed the shrubs just to even them out just before they really started to take off. Charged him for what it usually costs with half a trailor full of debris and then a month later did it again.
He said something but didn't argue when I brought up the fact that I did such and such work that he stiffed me on.
Oh I still have him and I raised his prices 5 bucks a cut. He still argues with me on the fact that he pays more for less yard maintenance than his neighbor that has twice the yard, but he will never get rid of me.
He is stubborn and so am I and I think he gets a kick out of playing games.
Oh well I can play with the best of them.


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Raleigh, NC
I haven't done it but I probably would. Luckly most of my customers know that I will be there every week no matter what (whether it needs it or not). They understand that this is also my living,and also pays for my schooling and don't say anything about it not needing cut.

Kelly's Landscaping

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Milford CT
I have been stopped mid way though with that silly claim that it didn’t need it. I get off my mower on the part that I hadn’t cut yet and point to my boot I ware work boots with the 8 inch sides. The lawn was to the top of my boot and the old lady goes Well!!! That’s just like one spot the rest didn’t need it. Now there might have been some uneven growth but the low spots on that yard were 5 inches when I started.

Thing I hate when cutting some peoples lawns are unless your breaking even and losing your azz some of these people feel your ripping them off. All May I'm killing myself to cut the lawns some grow a foot a week where I am then come July and its only growing 2 inches a week they want me to slow to every other week LOL not happening.


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Bobby this is a great question for conversation. To be quite honest with you have never had anyone do that since most of my accounts are contract year round. Years ago I had someone discount my monthly fee because I only cut them one time. So when the summer rolled around and they were up north instead of cutting them every seven days one month I cut them every ten. Did three cuts for the price of four and got my money bactk that way.

In your case I would not cut the chemical end but I would add a little time to the extra work they ask to be done. Say something took you 2 hours then bill them for 2.25 hours. You have done work for them and are just trying to recover your money. See no problem.

So just keep drinkin those beers and pumpin that iron. Summer will be here soon.;)


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Bobby, to be quite honest I would. But I don't think that's wrong either. Take into consideration almost every retail business charges every customer that walks in the door for their lost revenue so they can still show a profit after dealing with all the shoplifters. At least in this case we're in a position to charge the customer that tried to steal from us instead of distributing the cost over all of your customers. Fair is fair, and if you have a customer that steals from you your only recourse is to either allow it and watch it happen time and time again, drop the customer and suck it up, or attempt to recover the loss.


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good question i have had it happen and it pisses me off 2 no end
if it is a low dollar mow job and the cheep sob never spends any extra money i kick them to the curb
but if it is a good year round contract and the customer is having a bad day and just wants to give me a hard time i am not going to lose a years worth of money over 1 cut i just make up on the labor side of the job
many times the customer has just had a real bad day and is pissed off at the world and comes home 2 see the landscaper and knows they r getting 1 more bill and they go off ;)