I didnt want you to cut my grass today


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I have been waiting on it to happen and today it did. I have this old lady that I service (bobbygled take your mind out of the gutter!) and today was her bi-monthly service day. I cut, edged, trimmed and was blowing the driveway off when she comes out and tells me that she didnt want her grass cut today because it hasnt grown much. I tell her that she is on a bi-monthly service and today was her day for service. She says that it hasnt grown much again. Again I tell her that this was her day of service. But it hasnt rained so the grass hasnt grown she says. I again try to explain that I service her property on a certain day and today was her day. She says that next time it needs cut she will just call me and I can come over and take care of it. I about lost it. Yet again she goes on about how the grass hasnt grown since we have had no rain. Finally I tell her that I just service the property, I dont control the rain and that she should take that up with God, not me.

Suprisingly she tells me all of this AFTER I service the property not before.
Damn old ladies.


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I would have told her to see if 'lil Johnnie down the street wants to be her "on call" lawn boy once a month, and said "c-ya , pay me, adios"....:D


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I have a policy not to cut grass if there is a lack of rain and it isnt growing much.Not many people around here want it cut if its been dry.It has actually helped me pick up more word to mouth accounts because they dont feel like im trying to get every last buck out of them.I do try to get them to water the lawns if they dont have inground sprinklers that why it definetly needs to be cut. just my 2 cents

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I have the problem with tightwads here. Being a little farther north than you lawndoc, this is my first week to do much mowing. The grass obviously needs to be cut, but there are still some that want to hold on to a few more dollars. It ticks me off pretty bad! :angry:


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when she calls, just tell her that it won't be until 2 weeks you can get to it, because your schedule is already set up for 2 weeks in advance. If she wants to be in the schedule, then you need to schedule her in every 2 weeks. That will teach her a lesson


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I'd fire her...she will be a long term problem

Our annual agreements clearly spell out that "Company will determine when turf is mowed"

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Back when I was mowing (I just do fertilizing & tree spraying now.) I had a policy that I explained up front.
First, I do not take accounts that want to be cut bi-weekly.
I explained that if I cut every two weeks it left the odd week where I had to find something else to do rather than cut that particular customer.
Second, I also explained that I'd be out EVERY WEEK. If the lawn didn't need to be cut, I'd spend that time doing some other service and the customer would be billed accordingly.
I would explain that while I agreed that there were times when the grass didn't need to be cut, there is always something that needs work and I wouldn't like to lose the money that week.
Some folks didn't like that and I invited them to call another company or find a part timer. But if they wanted me, that's the way it would be.
Like I said, some were OK with that and became very good customers. I don't care what happened to the others.


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originally by SJR Lawncare

"If it doesnt need to be cut, then why would you cut it?"

Obviously because he has created a spot on his schedule [ a appointment] and he is really in bussiness to make a living. This is why they make irrigation systems.

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