I dont know what to do,should i buy this or not.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. bigw

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    I can buy a ultra vac 3 bag system for my emark 60" ztr for $1700 and its like brand new but i dont know if i should or not. So far i havent had anyone ask me to bag the clippings but then again maybe some will once i actually start to mow them.
    I know this is a good deal and someday im going to probably want one but im going nuts trying to figure out if i should or not. Are these things good for anything else like fall clean ups or anything?
    Please give me some advice on this,i dont want to waste the money if i dont need it but then again is it possible alot of my accounts will come running out saying can you bag the clippings?
  2. capnsac

    capnsac LawnSite Senior Member
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    how much is the system if it's new?
  3. Weekes

    Weekes LawnSite Member
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    Look my opinion is that bagging is the best route to go I bag all the time. When I don't bag I seem to spend time running over lawn again or blowing sidewalks longer than I need to. Many argue this all the time, but unless you double cut or spend time blowing lawns during spring and wet falls, a lawn just does not look as good not bagged. I gain lawns all the time because I bag.

    So again my opinion is to buy and use it all the time.
  4. P.Services

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    wow thats exactly my thoughts, and you use it to do fall clean-ups all day so think about that also.
  5. bigw

    bigw LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Then why am i seeing all these so called experts saying you should not bag and let the clippings act as mulch? I am not saying you guys are wrong just what i read. How does it hepl with fall cleanups, do you just suck up the leaves that are left after blowing them? My Exmark dealer told me they are not great with leaves?
  6. Weekes

    Weekes LawnSite Member
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    BigW check out the "Great Debate" thread. Mulch or Bag is the question of mowing. When you get into it many of the mulches say the have to double cut at times. Does this save time?

    Many of the experts also say bagging is the way to go. I see both arguments, but in spring and fall on a well irrigated and fertilized lawn mulching can be a mess. A double cut and longer blowing.

    I like the look of my bagged lawns. Is mulching more enviro friendly yes but here many clients will not keep you if they find you mulching.
  7. Runner

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    They go for almost 3 grand, now. Check all the numbers, and make sure it is adaptable for your mower. there are many different one (even among the 3 bag units). There is obviously the difference between the Ultracut, Trivantage, and Triton decks, but for some combinations, the difference in price to purchase the conversion assemblies and other different required parts, equal that of what you would pay for a whole brand new setup. I've shopped around quite a bit for used UV's, and have had alot of close calls - meaning models that were close to being able to work on my unit. Get the numbers from the blower drive unit (they take different pulley kits), and cross reference it with your mower. If it is the right one,...jump on it. The difference between the nes for the TrVantage decks and the UltraCut is, the UltraCut is a deeper deck. The blower unit for the Ultracut will work on th Trivantage (with a conversion of the pulley set), but the blower unit for the TriVantage will not work on the UltraCut deck (blower isn't as deep as the deck opening). The blower unit for the Triton deck isn't even CLOSE to being able to work on these old decks...the angles and hook-ups are all different.
  8. F Y P M

    F Y P M LawnSite Member
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    I notice on this sight that not many bag. I bag 85% of my lawns every week all year. It gives the lawn a finished, polished look and in the long run is quicker than double cutting. Plus just before fall your picking up straglers. $1700 is a good price. Toro's unit brand new is $1850. I've been looking for the older toro unit that mounts vertically. If you come across one of those snatch it. You are right though you are going to need it.
  9. bigw

    bigw LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Its coming from a triton deck and thats what i have,i dont know if the year matters or not though. Mine is new well 07. He says ill need to get{the spindle kit} why is that and whats it for?
  10. F Y P M

    F Y P M LawnSite Member
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    The spindle kit is a pulley or set of pulleys that will mount on your discharge spindle to attach the additional belt to run your blower fan.

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