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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thebobcatkid86, Mar 4, 2007.

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    I dont cut grass professionally and I had never really planned too. I prefer to dig in the dirt myself. Anyway I recently helped a friend of mine's family move. They moved from a ranch on 3/4 of an acre to a colonial on a postage stamp. To cut that 3/4 of an acre my friends dad has a Toro 33" belt drive Wb w/ a 8 horse B&S I/C engine. Im not sure of the model number but it is in absolute mint shape. Very low hours, regular oil + filter changes, hardly a scratch on it. Just to give you an example, he tried to consign it at the local repair shop and when it didnt sell, they gave it back with a coat of dust from sitting in their barn and complained about that! So anyway long story short, the yard at his new house isnt even big enough to turn it around and he knows I like to work outdoors. He said I was welcome to it for $400 cash. Does this sound like a good deal? Basically I play in the dirt, but I have a modest size yard and even if it just makes my cutting my own yard that much faster, I just hate to pass up a good deal on good equipment.
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    Sounds like a old model.

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