I don't think the lawn Bus. is worth it in the long run

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Jpocket, May 15, 2006.

  1. Jpocket

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    I would get aggrivated again, but your post Kinda right... I haven't figured out completely what my plan is. and where I actually want to end up. Ultimately I know where I wan to be But I don't have all of the specifics mapped out yet.

    Since I was in High school my "plan" just consisted of : Grow, Grow, Grow. WHich can be good
  2. Team-Green L&L

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    Slow down JPocket, I'm not attacking your capabilities. I am only trying to motivate you to higher levels of achievement. No one is at their pinnacle and when your mind starts to stray toward a negative outlook on your future...your future will also become negative. Stay focused on the positive things that are happening in our industry ie; many more Americans are paying attention to their lawns, illegal immigrants are being deported on an astronomical level, and this season's pest problems are up 30% from last year. Now that you see the positive aspects you can focus on expanding into new services (slowly though) and stop worrying about the pay-off. When you've made a few hundered grand in net profits it's time to open new doors.
  3. Team-Green L&L

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    I'm glad to hear you took advantage of good 3rd party wisdom. It is easy to get caught up into the "I'm the best" attitude and be unreceptive to others. Remember that everyone has had different experiences and has used a different approach to strategy, but ALL successful companies use strategy. The biggest thing to figure out for every company is your "true" bottom-line. I mean, what does your trimmer cost per hour, your mower, your trucks, ect. ,and what are your profit goals. Once you know what you need to charge it is much easier to win bids and make the most of each one. You don't need 100 props if you have 30 good ones. If you can replace your mediocre props with high-end ones then you'll make more money for less work. A winning philosophy.
  4. topsites

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    But what if you are the best, and you know you can not help that :laugh:
  5. olderthandirt

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    This is all wishful thinking. You can have the greatest plan/goals in the world and folow it to a T but theres to many obstacles that you have no control over that will determine if your plan will work. And its not a matter of changeing your plans as you go, kinda defeats the objective of having a business plan and goals.
    How are you preparing to run your business against the Brinkmans and the TG/CL ? You think they don't see the profit in the so called "other" jobs that the local LCO does? IE hardscapes, irrigation etc.
    The big companys are gonna swallow the small guys up in 30 yrs from now, same as wal-mart did to the mom and pop hardware store.
    You will survive but it won't be your choice in how much you grow it will be the mega companies crumbs that you will get. Most of you have not seen the changes that have occured in the last 30 yrs, and there nothing compared to whats gonna happen in the next 30 yrs.
    If I was starting over this field is not where I would be looking for a retirment from. I would be in college looking at law as ours are differnt than the rest of the world.
  6. Jpocket

    Jpocket LawnSite Silver Member
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    Thankyou thats what needed to be said.....It's means more when you say it. ppl. take what guys like me say with a grain of salt.:hammerhead:
  7. SWD

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    I really couldn't disagee more - business is business.
    Not one company or tactic will serve everyone's needs or else everyone would be shopping at Walmart/Brinkmans/True Green.
    Market forces drives a business to compete in their respective niche.
    I do not compete in a Walmart niche, therefore Walmart is not applicable to my business model.
    Market forces drive the economy - shoot for the blue collar and you end up that way!

    BERTPCP LawnSite Member
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    The money is in landscape design, walkways, patios, ponds, waterfalls, driveways, walls and planting. The lawn care is steady money but not big money... I was talking to a lco who has 15 people working for him and more than three times the lawns that I have, but makes half the money that I make because he "only does lawns and cleanups". Its ok but no big money in lawns no matter how many you have... the more lawns the more employees...
  9. PROCUT1

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    Hey I agree with you. Was that me you talked to?lol
  10. kc2006

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    See the problem with discussions like this is everyone has their own oppinion.

    You have guys that say theres no money in mowing only, there's only money in hardscapes/waterscapes/landscape. Then you look at just mow it who nets how much a year (alot). And of course he might have more headaches.

    I'm not saying one way or the other, I'm the type of guy who likes to keep things spread out, I'll keep mowing crews going if I get heavy into the other ends of business, mowing may not be big money, but it's steady money and who doesn't want extra money coming in.

    I know exactly what your saying though Jpocket, I've been thinking of the same thing as you. Whats the future hold in this industry? If it holds a future, how good will it be? But I also look at the economy as a whole, that's my fear, around this area if the economy goes down, the lawn/landscape guy is the first to go. I'm in the process of thinking, do I want to be in this full time, do I want to go to college and then make this part time, or do I want to just get a job that does not require a degree and keep this part time?

    It's up to you where you want to go with it. lifes 10% presented to you and 90% how you react to it.

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