I don't think the lawn Bus. is worth it in the long run

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Jpocket, May 15, 2006.

  1. garrettlawn

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    My friend got killed by an Illeagle Immigrant that was driving drunk and ran a redlight. That is also where I am coming from.
  2. walkermowers

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    you know, i have been reading all the posts in this thread and i sit here and laugh. i started in the business ten years ago when i was 24. i had 10,000 dollars bought a mid size, a push mower, two cycle equip., trailer and went to work. a neighbor of mine in the business saw i was getting in the bus. myself and asked me if i wanted 8 yards about 15 miles away. i took them along with the other 3 accounts i had since i was 12. i continued to work at quiktrip(a gas station) and cut my accounts on the side. my first three months i was at 20 accounts. i quit my day job and went full time cutting. i took everything that i could to make money. starting spring of 98 i hired a helper and had 40 accounts. now moving things foward to 2007, i have two employees and myself that go out each day. we service 73 residential contracts monday thru wednesday, three hoa entrances along with an 80 acre retreat complex(only 25 acres of grass to cut) on thursday and then we have a 73 acre property we do on friday(53 acres of grass to cut). I have a great family, new equiptment every two years, a lake house, boat, my main home where i operate my business out of and i am happy. i am considered a small operation around here in the atlanta area. we do around 250k a year in revenue with a 32% profit margin the last three years.I am not trying to float my own boat. all i am trying to say is that if you put your mind to it and do quality work for a fair price and work your a** off to get there you can have anything you want in life. nothing is free in this world. i have found that out.
  3. T.E.

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    A very good post! This is the attitude you've got to have. Most that get into the lawn business wouldn't make it in other businesses either. Later, Tony
  4. walkermowers

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    t.e--- thanks... i have been getting alot of flack from others on my strategy of pricing with another thread i have started and no one seems to see how i can make any money.

    SDNCLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    Does you wife work outside the house? This is a great example of a smart business man. Keep up the good work.

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    I would like to point out a couple of things in my view
    1. Alot of people who are complaining kinda have that america syndrome. I have it all and want more and i do not want you getting any. you guys have one mower equal in value to some guys whole rig, me included. you guys have gotten so comfortable that your spoiled. most guys in this industry seem to not be 9-5'ers so don't get to lax.
    2. alot of americans dislike latinos that bothers me as a black man because i am viewed in that same manner. america syndrome cause a lot of you arrogant guys to waste valuable time and resources on the wrong sh$&.
    I hope all the unhappies get out because I luvit and see myself being a prime in the future. so give me and the rest of us who love our hard work a deal on some of that equipment.:usflag: :clapping: :clapping: :usflag:
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    All I can say is Keep It Simple Stupid.
  8. txgrassguy

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    I too laugh when I read posts about people complaining about this industry.
    My house is almost paid for, I drive a S Type Jag, vacation regularly and make a whole bunch more money now than when I built courses.
    I work about 35 -50 hours per week, almost no Saturdays or Sundays as that is when I am either shooting in competition or bass fishing with my dog.
    I have two older brothers who are stuck in the tech industry and both absolutely busting their butts to make what I do.
    While I was in college way back one of the profs said that over 90% of this class would never bring home more than $50K/yr.
    I have more than doubled that and although it is leveling off I can live on it:usflag:
    Gotta love the USA.
  9. MarcSmith

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    Ther mustbe something in it. Look howlong brickman, valley crest and trugreen have been in business....

    Ivebeen doing since was 15....I'm now 35...have a great gig...I'm set....

    You won't always hit the home runs....People want the easy money....and as competition gets fierce you either have to adapt, which means you may (gasp) have to lower prices, or plan on doing fewer jobs.....

    If your total cost on a job is 1000 bucks...Including labor over head ect...selling that job for 10-20% over cost is better than not selling any job. remeber even if you have no jobs sold, you still have overhead to pay for....

    Now Im not saying that you start loballing just for work. but every now an again to get some jobs just to pay the crews and keep your name on the street has some value.
  10. garrettlawn

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    I like the last few of you that have posted. All business is is attitude, people skills, and getting the job done. If you have these three things you have it made. If you dont you never will have it made. If you are paying the bills and putting food on the table keep after it and just have high goals. Without them you will never get half way there.

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