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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by soloscaperman, Jun 6, 2008.

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    This is my first time asking you guys for advice on an estimate. Should I hand him a total price of $500 for everything, or is that too low.I don't wanna loose on this because I hate being off. But then I don't want to scare my good customer. He is a good customer and I charge pretty good for this small lawn. He always pays me on time or sooner and gives me a lot of work.

    Job description:

    Wants me to shorten the beds by more then half and rake the rocks out and grow grass. I even stated to him that you have more flower bed then lawn in the front, lol.

    I get good soil for free but I bet alone soil would be worth $150 alone.

    I have to rake the rocks away!!

    How much grass seed? It gets alot of sun and im located in CT.

    I would factor labor, soil is free, hay, seed, starter fertilizer, weeding, sprayinfgweeds and add mulch. Will a truck load of my truck full of soil be enough?

    Then mulch and he will buy the flowers.









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    Raking the rocks out sounds bad enough, but with all of that grass growing up over them, it looks like a nightmare.

    Get a tape measure or a measuring wheel and then measure all of the areas that you need to seed. Multiply length times width to get your total area. Use this when shopping for seed/hay/fertilizer/mulch/top soil to determine how much you need. Usually the see will tell you right on the bag how many square feet it will cover. I usually use cost x2 when determining what to charge for this. That includes installation/application. The theory being that I want $50 - $60 an hour, and I can usually spread $5 of mulch in 5 minutes, $25 worth of seed in 25 minutes, etc.

    Estimating materials is easy, IMO. However, you need to figure out how long you think it will take you to get the rocks out. This will probably be the most time consuming part. If it was me, once I had that number, I would probably multiply by 1.1 or so in case it takes longer than I think it will, then multiply by 50 to 60 to get the total price to charge for labor to remove the rocks.

    Don't forget disposal fees if you have to find a place to stash the rocks.
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    Step 1) Figure out a 'quick' way to rake out the rocks. Add compost and till it all up. How much time?

    Step 2) Seed the selected areas and cover with more compost and water in well. Place the prebought flowers, pre-m and mulch. One day.

    Add up the time involved combining steps 1 & 2 plus expenses and make sure the job is well done. Doesn't look like that much work - I would give myself a couple of easy day's pay for it though.

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