I drove a Bullet today

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ZX12R, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. ZX12R

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    It was a nice truck and rode very well.Granted it had no body on it,but it accelerated very well,I was impressed.It was a 5500,19,000 lbs.,4x4,84 CA,exhaust brake,6 speed,brakes were pretty big,19.5 tires,and the springs looked heavy duty,not like the springs you are used to seeing on dodges.Salesman said they are selling a lot! I have not seen any on the road yet.
  2. NLS1

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    I drove a 5500 Dodge a few weeks ago, and I loved it, I will be buying one later this year. Been talking to the Sterling guys too and it looks great too! I already have a Dodge and want to keep both the same, but the Sterling definitely has the better service going for it. Tuff call:dizzy:
  3. Gravel Rat

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    You are far far better off with a Sterling over the Dodge counter part the reason being is servicing the truck. Dodge mechanics have no clue how to fix a truck larger than a 3/4 ton. The Sterling dealers have better mechanics and you will probably deal with less BS with a Sterling dealer.

    As for the truck if the tow truck operators buy them and prove them then you should be okay. If you see the tow truck operators having problems with them then you know they are JUNK. It is hard to compete with Ford thou they have been building F-450 F-550 trucks 7 years longer than Dodge and have built a 1.5 ton trucks since 88 which is 20 years longer than Dodge.

    Last thing to leave with ya every 4500-5500 the Mexicans make it takes more jobs away from the US citizens :laugh:
  4. mag360

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    Cummins motor/Aisin trans are equal or better than the 6.4/torqshift.
    Axles are the same? Alot of it comes down to the frame I guess. Leaf sprung rear shouldn't be an issue and dodge has had top quality braking since '03. The new turbos are a potential problem but you can't say Ford has the best track record there. One really nice thing is there shouldn't be a need to remove the cab to work on the motor (if it needs work).
  5. Gravel Rat

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    The driveline is okay it will be the frame, front suspension and cab. Is the cab on the truck going to survive a stiffer chassis putting strain on it. Even the Ford cabs take a beating with the F-450 and F-550.

    The orginal F-Superduty (F-450) twists the cabs apart from being on a stiff chassis and suspension.

    With the heavy suspension along with the stiff 225-70R19.5 rubber makes for a little rougher ride and vibration. Dodge might find the cab will get stress cracks.
  6. newdude

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    did you get any pics?
  7. salopez

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    are you kidding me? blaming the mexicans for taking jobs from us citizens?

    blame the us citizens that don't want to pay for quality workmanship. its our own fault in general.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    Dodge does that on purpose if they can build the truck cheaper then they can sell them cheaper. I hope Dodge realizes cheap tin won't last long a light medium duty truck.

    Like I said let the tow truck industry have a year on them and see what Dodge is like after a year. They push trucks to the limit durability wise.
  9. ZX12R

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    Does anyone know the difference between the Sterling 5500 and the Dodge 5500? I didn't get a chance to look at the frame and suspension on the Dodge 5500. The frame on the Sterling directly behind the cab(the web) is thick though.It's a good 10-12" wide.
  10. AtoZ

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    Same thing - different badging...

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