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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Slatherd, May 14, 2005.

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    This information is not a secret, there are just too many variables to give an answer. Are you part time or full time? Are you sole proprietor or do you have partners? Can you handle the stress? How devoted to the business are you? The answer to how much do you bring in? - is anywhere from millions to bankruptcy.

    Just some advice - Do not start you own business for the money. Do it because you want to be independent. Do it because you want the challenge. Do it because you want to make the decisions. The money is sometimes slow in coming - sometimes never comes.
  2. MowinGuy

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    Maybe this will help. I just did some quick calculations. After expenses, last week I made $9.23 per hour. I am solo and part-time (mow only).
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    With windshield time, estimate time, maintenance time, and record keeping time tacked on to mowing time, I didn't make $9.00 per hr last season, Mowingman. How's $7.82 sound?

    I like mowing or would have folded when insurance came due last month. Had to pay the whole year all at once. The insurance hurts, but I'm in my late fifties and guess I might stroke out and damage something, or Murphy might be lurking around the corner.
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    The answer to your question is a question, or series of questions. Are you a good salesman? Will you work 14 hrs a day? Do you pay attention to details? Is your market flooded with LCO's? Do you have good connections? How much start up cash do you have? ZTR's arent cheap and their the fastest. Noone is hiding things from you but we cant tell you how many accounts you will get starting off. You may get 10 or 50 how can we tell you how much you will earn when you dont have any accounts. Jobs dont just fall into your lap, many of them are earned by seeing your work. Can you afford to sink all income back into company in order to grow? See what we mean???? :dizzy:

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    I think the biggest thing is you have to really enjoy this line of work to make a go of it.

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