I feel the hardscapers pain

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MDLawn, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I don't do any "real" hardscaping, just the garden border wall here and there. I have attended courses for retaining wall and paver installations I just don't feel confident to do these jobs until I get experience (at my own home or family and friends).
    On a recent walk to distribute doorhangers I noticed sooo many of the problems with quality many of you talk about on this site such as:

    - no interlock on pavers just lined up in rows
    - using way too many small pieces to fill in gaps rather than planning it out to use less of them if possible
    - no soldier courses (not sure if you always need them but it looks nicer)
    - walls with spaces and gaps that are not supposed to be there
    - uneven and falling walls due to poor construction
    - sinking due to improper base not just time.
    - and stuff that makes the finished product look horrible. I saw one walkway with a center emblem with most likley the clients last name intial. It was circular and all that surrounded it were 2 triangular cut pavers with 2-3" gaps around it and some bits and pieces of paver stuffed in there. Can't believe someone would put their name on the line with that poor work.

    I wish I had my camera to post the pics but the thread would be 25 pages long. And this is in a neighborhood that is not a do-it-yourselfer type of place. I see so many "how much per square foot do you charge?" and many of you get mad with this and I completely understand. I just feel frustrated for the guys who take pride to do it right, charge approprately so they make a lot of money (its not easy work), use quality materials, and proper construction techniques. I do that in the landscape side of my business and get beat by scrubs all the time. People just look at the bottom line of price to often and end up with a bottom end product. They want the Ferrari but a the Ford Focus price, doesn't happen. If I get a chance to build a paver patio at my house I will put it up for critique because I want it done right! Good luck to all of you this year.
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    as long as people are layed off - we'll see more and more of this.

    The industry's hay day is over.

    I doubt I'll ever be able to get the money we got 4 years ago for our work again.

    Yeah, the market is there. But the profit isn't.

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    I remember working with a buddy of mine about 10 years ago and in those 5years of work he did really well, really well, and part time too. Mainly landscaping but big money wasnt a problem.
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    Aint it the truth!

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