I felt like a scrub today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 65hoss, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. 65hoss

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    I took all my mowing equipment off this morning to spend the entire day aerating and seeding. I use my cub cadet lawn tractor to pull my seeder with. I sure didn't look hi-tech without my exmarks. :)

    Kinda was embarrassed. Only piece of comm'l equipment was my aerator. Hey Eric Elm, do you feel this way when the choppers aren't on the trailer and the JD is for the aerator?

    I wish I had a digital camera, a major scrub was across the street from one of my jobs. He still made me look good. lol
  2. slingshot

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    from pa
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    I hope he didnt take a pic of you and send it in it would be pretty shocking to see your own pic on your own thred
  3. SMB

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    Hey! Cub's ain't that bad!
    We went to mow a jungle today and took our old Snapper 28" rider and 2 junky push mowers to mow with. I ended up hitting a stump with the snapper, which bent the blade, and we ended up using the push mowers for the rest. Man, there was so many stumps in that place!

    Stephen Beaver
    Scrub's Lawn Care, Inc.

    I'm a senior member now!
  4. skyphoto

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    Hey Hoss,

    Just use your truck to pull your seeder around the yards! You will look more professional!


  5. Eric ELM

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    I started to use my new diesel Chopper for aerating now. I can do the lawns in half the time. The reason it is faster, I don't have to lift it up to turn, it took 4 lifts and drops to go around a tree, had to do it like a square since you can't turn with it on a 3 point hitch. Now I can go right around a tree and be gone. :)

    The poor JD is for snow only now and it might get replaced with a small Jeep or something like that. 11 years ago, it was my main machine, how things change over the years. :)
  6. KirbysLawn

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    Funny, I had my enclosed trailer filled with rolls of pine needles last week and was pulling my sprayer trailer with my 48", felt a little different pulling that small trailer all week! :)
  7. HOMER

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    I felt like one the other day when I was mowing a commercial prop. by a busy access street to Walmart. I was aimed "downhill" on wet, juicy weeds and guess what........down I went into a drainage gutter! :eek: Blades trying to cut concrete,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,argh! I pulled back on the reins and dug my way out really fast before anyone saw me. Man I was embarrassed........and I know better. :mad:
  8. linky

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    I look like a scrubb one day a week. I have four properties on a busy road and its too hard to back my trailer into their small drives- so i load up my really ugly 36" wb.,trimmer,blower and wooden ramps onto my chevy. It looks scrubby but what the hay! Even with time spent loading/ unloading and then going back to load up my trailer, I still make good money. The yards are small but pay very well. I do feel kinda embaressed when all of the big boys roll by and smirk at me but my trailer is just as big as theirs-i'm just not using it
  9. Evan528

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    I just got a new account just like that! Its on a buissy road and has a drive so narrow my trailer wouldnt even fit in it! I bid the lawn at 30 dollars a cut... about 10 dollars to much because I will have to disconect my trailer and load my walkbehind with ramps to do this lawn. Its 2 minutes from my house so ill hit it at the end of the day!
  10. Skookum

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    The subject of this whole thread makes me laugh. You all are so worried about looking like a SCRUB when you know you are not one. Now, think about all the old junk trucks, small trailers, old Lawnboys and Craftsman riders you have seen and ASSUMED they must be a scrub outfit! Not so sure now are you?

    What a man drives or the equipment he uses does not make him a SCRUB!

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