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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Lawnamus, Jun 30, 2007.

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    A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about what you all thought about an employee who was my number 1 guy moonlighting on the side....etc. etc. I tried to work with him and show him that after 6 yrs., he didn't need to start that. $16/hr plus OT avg. 10-15hrs. OT. T
    To make a long story short I forced him to make a decision, give up his business and give me a hundered percent without conditions on not working on the weekend etc. or you have to quit and run your own.
    Well, he chose himself of course saying he couldn't give up his business. We shook hands, I wished him well. 2 days later I get a letter that he's applied for unemployment. I squashed that and he hit the roof. He lives at one of the apt. complexes we maintain. He was looking for me dropping F-Bombs, saying he was going to take me down etc. The epitome of class of course.
    I recently found out a couple of my guys SSN are not good. They are very good workers , but now I know for sure illegal. The above mentioned is doing every thing he can to get INS on them. I guess my question is what do you all know and think. If I have to get rid of them I will, but I don't know exactly where the law, etc. stands.
    After 6 years of treating someone like gold I finally realized that you can't polish a turd. People are who they are and his true colors came flying out in an instance. I only wish I could of been there...
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    Man that sucks! The only thing I can tell you (and you probably already know) next time use better hiring procedure's. If they lie on an application I think that would cover you somewhat. As far as the other guy, first off, I would never hire anyone who wants or has another lawn care/landscaping business and in the future have a non- compete form they have to sign in case this might happen again. Good luck.
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    FINALLY. Someone put "turd" in a thread. I've often wondered while out there mowing along? Is it "turd"? Or "terd"? Or maybe even "tird"? One of life's mysteries finally solved for me.:)

    Oh, by the way, your situation is indeed troubling. Not sure where you should go with it but I wish you well. Please let us know how it turns out. That guy sounds like a class A turd.:laugh:
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    I don't know you're area ,but 6 years and 16 per hour?,thats a job not a career.Did you expect something else?,he knows the business,and you taught him.The illegal thing sucks,but I'm sure you can find someone else,if you are so concerned about the feds than just fire them.good luck.
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    Dude, you do know that Dorchester and Charleston Counties just passed bills requiring you to have legal paperwork on your employees, or you can lose your business liscense, be fined, etc, right? You really need to get rid of them. Yeah, they might be "good" workers, but they obviously supplied you with fake SSN, which means they lied to you. Grounds for you to fire them right there.
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    Yeah very unfortunate situation man. You should definitely start by getting a solid hiring system down you have too much hard work at stake to lose it on account of a few illegals. There are a few legal programs that I use real cheap but gets the job done, "My Attorney Home & Business" is my favorite.
    Secondly, crush your enemy by sending a flood of marketing materials into his neighborhoods. Drop your prices in the areas he's working and bring him to his knees. I've worked guys before that have done the exact same thing, promoting their business on the side while they are working for you, you may have even have lost a few accounts to him over the years and you wouldn't even know. It's hard running a lawn service because of all the competition. Guys like him are parasites using the companies they work for as a host for their own selfish profit & greed! It's one thing to work hard on the side, it's another thing to try and destroy another man's hard work. I used to give my guys the opportunity to make a little bread on the side so long as it didn't interfere with my routes, but someone always puts their hand in the cookie jar. I've had to handle three separate guys this same way. I believe that either you make alliances or you make enemies. This guy has chosen the latter, crush him like the bug he is! Hoorah! :usflag:

    E tu Brute?
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    As long as they have "papers" you're fine. Even if they turn out to be fake. The guy who is goin crazy on you is also goin crazy on everyone else. It costs a lot of money and a lot of time to go after Joe lawn guy. The entire US government knows what is going on.
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    when you hired them and filed with social security office you were told the names and numbers don't match or there was a problem. You need to tell them this have them sign a paper saying each is aware of the problem it is then there responsibility to fix it. You are now safe from any legal action this is the fact and anyone saying no doesn't know the facts or has never personally dealt with this problem
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    I don't think he can knowingly employ an illegal alien. Let alone two or three of them.

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