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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LittleOranges, May 10, 2004.

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    Since coming to this site, I,ve read many horror stories about customers that seem to have a few less cards in thier decks than normal. I always think, "Hmm, I've never met a customer like that." Finally, I found one! A few weeks ago while I was mowing a lawn, a woman comes out of her house from accross the street. She asks me what I charge. I tell her that my minumim charge is 25.00 but I need to see her back yard. (I was in a group of townhouses. But she had a corner house and the back and side yards are bigger than the other townhouses) She informs me that her backyard is, "really tiny." I tell her that I need to see it. She tells me twice more that it's, "really tiny." Now, I KNOW that it's at least twice as big as the others. I'm already mad because she's lying to me. And I'm also mad because she thinks I'm the stupid lowly lawn dude. I tell her that when I'm done the lawn I'm on, I'll take a good look at her yard and give her a price. She tells me once again how tiny her backyard is. Meanwhile I'm thinking, "Yeah right honey...If it was small you'd have said hey, go check it out instead of trying to convince me of how small it is. And if it's as big as the backyard attatched to your hips, you're gonna be paying triple digits!" But I just smiled and continued with my work. About 20 minutes later, she comes pulling out of her driveway and waves me over. She tells me that she has to go out for the day, then shoves 25.00 at me and tells me I can do the lawn. Now I already know that I can blow it out with the 36" since it's a corner yard so I figure what the heck, if it's not worth it then it will be the first and last mow. I'm still aggravated though, so I tell her that I don't have time to do a hard edge since it's so overgrown, but I'll clean it up a little. Of course she has the guts to ask me to edge it real good, so I remind her that she was not on todays route being that I never met her before and I cannot, will not, do a hard edge, period. She frowns and says O.K. Well, of course the back yard was three times bigger than the other townhouses, but I expected that. I knew I could use the 36" so it actually took less time than the other townhouses I use a 21" on. I did the lawn. No hard edge. I leave her my business card with a note to phone me about the lawn. (I was still going to raise it five or more bucks just on principle. Ya lie, ya pay! Lies are not free!) Of course I get no call all week. The next Saturday, wich is the only day I do these townhouses, she is nowhere to be found. I knock, I ring the bell, I leave another note. All week no call. The second Saturday, (this past one) she is nowhere to be found. Strange thing is that the niehbors swore she was home. (Small community, very nosy) BOTH Saturdays. They couldn't figure out why she was not answering the door. I decide that either she used me to get a cheep mow, (maybe some other lawncare Co. wanted more for the initial cut?) or she was waiting for the grass to get knee high before each cut. Well, about ten minutes ago, she called. Left a message. "Hi this is Darlene from Cherrywood drive. I was supposed to call you last week but, well...I just didn't. I'm leaving a check on the door tomorrow so come out and do my lawn. Bye." I played that message three times cause I swore I heard it wrong. She MUST have ASKED me IF I could come and WHEN I could come. And she MUST have asked if there was an additional charge since it's so high now. I just know she did. Yeah right. She really does think I'm the lowly lawn dude that needs every dollar he can get, and should be thankful to do business with a freak like her and would just love to do her wonderfully large backyard! YUCK! O.K., I'm gettin a little carried away now but this broad really blew my mind! I can't wait to phone her tomorrow and tell her how very sad I am that I can't fit her in to my schedule. "God knows I tried, but when I didn't hear from you, I took on others instead." I want her to know that I CHOOSE my lawns they do NOT choose me! I'd rather sell pretzels on the street corners!
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    Press return and the sapce bar three times every once in a while. I forget to make paragraphs sometimes too. But yeah, we all have people that just blow our minds. It makes me cringe when I find out that these types of people produce offspring.
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    Well alritty now, did you get that out of your system? :D
    Just raggin on ya a little. Ive run into a few also. Im really not chouvenistic but it seems some women are worst. Let it bounce off you and keep doing all her neighbors. Maybe shell' learn the proper way to do business.

    Or maybe not.
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    It does seem like the majority of the weird ones tend to be female. Not that I am saying it negatively, its just the percentages lean toward that generalization for me.
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    Woody I was just commenting on that same generalization tonight the women are much more likely to be insane.

    I’m still trying to figure out how I got my first condo complex and lost it in a span of 2 days this week. And you guessed it the property manager is a psycho middle age fat ass chick in spandex. I bid on this place 2 weeks back then fax my bid in the lady has it for 9 days I get the call on Thursday we got it and they demand I come do the spring clean up Friday or Saturday. Atm I have a 5 day plus cutting schedule with my lawn crew and I am doing one large seeding job every day so I tell her sorry it will be either Saturday or Monday but most likely Monday. She seems to understand well Saturday we get the bribe call were give you 200 dollars more if you come today. Like that matters to me were taking in 40 k a month 200 dollars isn’t going to phase me.

    So we do as we promised and come out there on Monday the day after mother’s day to find she had some hack to the job looks like crap. We then check the Sunday phone messages and sure enough we got dumped for not being reliable LOL that’s a first hired on Thursday fired on Saturday never even worked for the lady.

    Other one that comes to mind is a old Jewish lady that is driving me nutts with over 140 customers she and her husband account for half the complaints there’s no pleasing her and I don't think I care any more.

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