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I finley got over on them


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Seem's every clean up I do, one or two neabors come out and wanna throw stuff on my trailer..... " it cost about 30.00 to dump"

SO today while doing a clean up a lady "from accross the street no less"
comes out with a black trash bag " full of kitchen trash "and throw's it on my trailer, SO I tell her
" do you know how the city catches people who illegally dump "
Y no she says, I tell her it's quite easy. they go through the trash and look for anything with a name or address on it. like an old bill or mas maillings.

ah that's smart she says.

Yes it is I reply. then I ask her do you know how much it cost for the fine.

500.00 I say.
so she says do you dump illegally....SO I ask her are you willing to take the chance.....?

she then informs me that if she catches me doing that she will call the police.
I told her please wait here. I'll call then because YOU JUST DUMPED ILLEGALLY. she said well your going to the dump anyway.
as I reached for my cell phone... she starts climimg onto the trailer.

Sorry guys I have had it for one day.....
maybe this is NOT a good business move.... But I have had it.....
Why Please someone tell me why in the name of God do they do this ?

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Tampa FL
You did absolutely the right thing. She is not the customer. I would not even let my customer add anything that I did not agree to remove from the yard. The "dump I use is county run and only accepts yard waste not trash as it is recycled into mulch or burned for electricity. I would have blown up the minute that bag touched my trailer. People have got to get over this image of lawn guys as public servants.:usflag: :usflag: :usflag:


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Why Please someone tell me why in the name of God do they do this ?
You know, I've been asking myself that question for many years, I still don't understand it except sometimes I do it too, and so I have learned to accept it. No, I'm sorry, I am LEARNING to accept it :laugh:
I've caught myself doing it at the dealership, expecting something for nothing I guess, and honestly I wouldn't have caught myself if the dealer hadn't just kinda went on about his business.
So I don't know why but my best answer is we just don't know any better, maybe because we're stupid, idk...

Certainly they've never thrown bags on my trailer without asking, but there's always someone comes around asking me if I wouldn't mind and then they go off on some mickey mouse nonsense, you know, can I get a $5 sample of your work?
Yeah right, Sandford & Son material is what it is lol.

I should say 'sorry Im all out of samples,' but I've also learned it doesn't change anything and most of the time it gets argumentative, then if I'm too rough with too many, it hurts me in the long run because they all run (customers, that is). :cry:

I found the best answer today (yes literally), after many years of searching for a way to get out of it without biting their heads off (believe me, I'm guilty), I learned to just keep on doing what you're doing and kinda mumble a little bit (age helps in my case lol) but I've watched younger owners do it, too, they just act like they got a lot on their mind or something, keep working and kinda acknowledge them but not really.

The person was asking me to do something and I just kept working and uhhnnnnn nnhnnnnhhhhnnn lalala, kinda like in a daze.

Now in the case of the garbage bag, let them put it there (if they dont ask I mean) then just before you drive off simply unload it right at their curb, like tyvm but make sure you're ready to GO (like truck running and just a quickie thing). Timing could be crucial, but I think the main thing is be quick about it... The critical issue is you want to get outta there so they don't get another chance at getting verbal, especially in this case.

If they actually ask, just mumble something, msmmmsmsmm or something, Idk, but don't say yes, then if they still put it on your trailer, see previous paragraph :)

Good luck.


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I would have jumped up on the trailer and swung the bag around my head like a cowboy. Then lauched it at her as she was walking up her driveway.

The nerve of some people. And you wonder why I'm starting to hate people!


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You should tell her you're gonna invoice her for $30. Then do it! If she doesn't pay, find a collection agency (many on the web) that will give you $15 for the client then they will go after her for the full $30.


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Cleveland, Ohio
You cannot be serious. In all my years doing this, if anyone came over and tried to use me as a dump, garbage service, etc, without my advance, express permission, it would be on. And then they want to get snippy with you? You're afraid of losing someone who is not a customer? I'd shove that bag of garbage so far up someone's azz, it would take a whole emergency room to find the large pieces......