I fired my crew today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by little green guy, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. LawnPro in NC

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    Don't think you made a bad dicision at all. i wouldn't hire either back. I would also remember this incident if you are called for a ref:. As for stealing What did they steal. I know in this area it would not fly unless it can be proven they had no intentions on returning the equip.

    For what it worth.:alien:
  2. Randy Scott

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    Based on the fact that your profile states your 17 years old, I don't think you are old enough to prosecute anyone. I may be wrong on that, not sure though. If you take any of them back, whatever happens you deserve. Go out and get 3 more buddies to help you work. This is the only thing you CAUGHT them at, there is probably more you haven't or won't. Also, how have you been in business for 4 years and worked for someone the last 5? People have some odd statistics in their profiles.
  3. point

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    from mn
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    I agree with LawnPro this is a civil matter not a criminal matter, unless your claiming they stole your equip.

    Randy, if minors couldn't prosecute I would think people would steal them blind.

    If your employee is truly remorseful and is a good worker I might take him back.

  4. wolfpacklawn

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    You should be upset at your customer also. Why were they doing business with your workers? Your employees don't receive payments from your customers do they? I'm sure your customer knew what was going on and he is a part of the problem. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to find out the customer was the one who suggested to your workers to do this. All and all this is a bad deal for you.
    One thing that may have prevented this from happening is to have paid your crew leader enough money that he wouldn't take a chance doing something like this. If he realizes that he cant go out and easily get an equally paying job he may not risk something like this for fear of losing a well paying job. If you are paying him well and he did it anyhow then he is just an idiot and you will be well to get rid of him
  5. KerryB

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    You did the right thing, just think I might have lost it if I had found them. Might have ended up in jail myself.
    Just remember a hole is a hole you cant dig half a hole its a whole hole. If he was in it he was in it. Dont take any of them back and spread the word.
  6. little green guy

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    Well i talked to one of the guys tonight and too the customer and I have gotton different stories from everyone and the stories keep changing. As for what I told the one guy was that he could take a blower, not "and stuff" but he never realy siad he was useing it for his house, he kinda impleided that though. The one i told could take the blower wasn't the one who took the rest of the stuff though, The other guy that i told couldn't take anything took the stuff.

    Randy Scott- About my profile, I have worked with a company since like 98' or something and i have had my busness for 4 years, i've only been legal for like a year and a half though. I'm just about full time now, i go to school till 11:00 and then go to work and work past dark everyday. so i started young, :rolleyes: does it make any sence now?
  7. Albemarle Lawn

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    An employee went to my house when I was out of town, got into my garage at midnight, an took my car for a drunken ride.

    What was he thinking?

    He has been with me for years and there have been many second chances I have given him when he did dumb things.

    But this time he's TOAST!

    I'm not prosecuting, but I'm comfortable with my decision to let him go. Dishonesty sucks, and never forget, YOU CAN'T SHINE SH*T SO DON'T TRY TO JUSTIFY WHAT THEY DID AND LET THEM CONTINUE WORKING FOR YOU!"

    Get by on your own until next year. You'll save $ by laying off your bozos and working some weekends and eves to keep up. You'll be surprised at how efficiently you work solo when you have to!

  8. bubble boy

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    good for you starting young. never too early!

    from what youve said, the crew cheif might be worth keeping, although he better be on his best behavior. regardless of whether he was the "leader"in the scam, he knew what was going on.

    as for the others, they arent worth it. if you keep them on, they know they can get away with murder. let them go and dont think twice about them.
  9. Guido

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    From what I see you have bigger problems than the crew you just fired.

    I hate to say it, and I'm only doing so to help, but I think you set yourself up for failure with these guys.

    #1, it seems the guy you are sticking up for and want to take back has been with you the longest of the 3 and is the best worker of the 3. With that said, shouldn't he be that crew's foreman and in charge of the other 2 guys? If he is he is responsible for the actions of the other 2 guys, to an extent of course. If you have your crew set up with him at the top, he is the MOST responsible and should have to answer for what happened. I believe you need some kind of structure in a crew, especially if you are sending them out by themselves and having them deal with customers. If you don't want your employees dealing with your customers, let them know, and more importantly let the customer know that ALL jobs and ALL payments will be cordinated through you.

    #2, you need to set up some accountibility systems like LGF said earlier. Have them keep a log with truck milage and time in and time out to all jobs. This will keep them honest and teach them that they will be accountable for all their actions. Show a deep intrest in this system and take it seriously so they stay on it and do it right.

    I think this will help you out some.
  10. jeffex

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    working with people under 18 doesn't give you much recource in recovering lost money. If you want to take the time to process a small claim in court you can recover loss but is it worth the time. Hiring 18 and older you can make them sign a NON-COMPETE letter that prohibits them from working on thier own or with another competitor in your specified territory. Usually dsignated by zip codes you work in and for up to 2 yrs after they leave your employment. I found my first one at www.smartagreements.com and then I personalized my own specific version. You still have to prosecute to make claim however you have it in writing that they have agreed to your terms. Mostly it is a deterant to what you just experienced. Making them think twice about stealing from you. And make no mistake they ripped you off. find out if the customer is in on te deal and drop them. if you are 17 and hiring your frends you need to send a message to the rest of your budies who may want to work for you. FIRE THEM. If you need thier help to finish the year out keep them on a tight leash until the season is over and then FIRE THEM. Or you will be just training your competition!!

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