I found a Toro commercial 21 beside the highway

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by jim6172, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. baileylawnservice

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    Wow I go through there all the time. But I don't have a 21" toro.
  2. jim6172

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    Well Toro paid off the mower came from a dealer in Austin TX. so I called him and he called the customer who bought the machine, who in turn called me.
    the gentleman bought the mower for his son 1 1/2 years ago for his birthday, the son and his wife are going through a messy divorce at the moment and she packed everything up while he was at work and left for mamas in Nebraska, and took the time to scatter all his possessions from Dallas to somewhere south of Nebraska, I asked the gentleman if he wanted the mower back and he said nope its now yours for all the trouble you went through finding us and I answered not for free its not. so he e-mailed me a bill of sale and a copy of the original sales receipt and i sent him $100 dollars pay-pal . All and all everybodys happy except for his son. Also the mower was never used commercial just mowed a half an acre and according to Toro the mower is still under warranty for another 1/2 a year wonder if its transferable? now Ill probably sell my Toro commercial Suzuki if I can part with it had it since new.
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  3. baileylawnservice

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    Sounds like I need to go check for additional possessions
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  4. jim6172

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    from what the father said she didnt make it home with anything of his tools (dad said mac and snap-on) lots of hand held equipment power tools weed eater hand held blowers etc the worst thing they found most of his clothes and family albums in dallas at goodwill, the lady was either really mad or very vindictive.
  5. Ditta&Sons

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    what a *itch
    id go back along that road and walk to keep looking for more gems tho lol
  6. xstatikplus

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    Very interesting story jim. And got to say you deserve that mower for free even tho you gave him $100. Good honest people like you are very rare. Not only did you find the mower and local the buyer to return it you washed it up and fixed the engine kill problem. My hats off to you you are a good man
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  7. jim6172

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    yea I was raised in the early 60s when people used to care about others and do anything to help until you get burned and then wash your hands of em.
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    Great deal Jim. You are a great AMERICAN.
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  9. TPendagast

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    in the early sixties you could still beat someone with a stick who did that to your possessions too :laugh:
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