I Found Out Why Safety Chains Are Important On Trailers

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by FearThisDeere, Oct 6, 2007.

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    I work for a local DPW here that mows and maintains all the schools. I love it, it is the best job IMO, but there are always those days that give you a headache. I was hauling a fully loaded 14' dump trailer full of loam with a F350 dump. My boss had hooked it up, so I figured everythign was set. I checked the safety chains really quick and hoped in the truck. I was driving down the road at about 35 MPH and something just didn't feel right. I slowed down and turned right into a parking lot, but the trailer kept goinjg straight... until the safety chains caught up with it. I didn't panic and slowly came to a stop ion the parking lot because I didn't want to jam on the brakes and scratch the new truck and trailer. I hooked the trailer back up after a little injunity and limped back to the shop. What it cames down to was my boss had put a 2 and 5/16ths ball on a 2" ball hitch on the truck.:hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead: First time I had ever had a trailer come loose on me. I was lucky that I wasn't going any faster. EVERYBODY check your rigs over no matter what before you start out. You never know what could happen.
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    Your more lucky then me. I had a trailer come off the truck going 55mph and it broke the safety chains. The emergency break-away break wasn't hooked up, and it was during rush hour. It was passing me on the right side of the road and finally ended up in a ditch. I'm real lucky nobody got hurt, the only thing that happened to the trailer is the jack broke and it got dented.

    After that incident.. I converted all of my trailers to the same size ball. No more having to worry if employees hooked it up right or not.
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    Finally after three years, I hooked up all the electric wiring for my 16' trailer, that is, I mean on the pickup, and installed electric brake module on the pedal. The wiring alone took me four hours. After that I ripped off all the lights on my trailer, and wiring, put all the wires in conduit and boxes at each junction. New LEDS everywhere, on rear tail board am installing seven 2 1/2" leds for running and brake. On tongue, have two winches, one electric and one manual, plus breakaway battery and switch, and even new fenders, my wife got me three christmases ago, but I've been soo lucky not to get caught running my trailer with only minumum on lights, no brakes or breakaway, up here in new york the fines wouldnt have been pretty......
    anyway a side note.. Francis, an old neighbor, was towing an old car with his F-150 with super 6 1991, stopped just in front of his house, at his driveway turning left, started pulling in, and after pulling in he realized the trailer wasnt with him, it was out in the roadway, sitting in the travel lane. The reese hitch on the truck rotted out completely around the welded sides, so some advice is check your hitches more often, and the welds.....greg
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    i took the trailer out for a drive. it's what i do when i am bored at night, don't judge me. anyway i was towing the old car hauler and it seemed somehow different, and i couldn't place what it was. i was going up a winding mountain road, and all of the sudden i hear this snap. the trailer broke the ball, as in it sheared the ball off the ball mount. the chains held the trailer, but just barely, if there was a load on it, the chains would have snapped. i was 60 miles from home, on a mountain with no ball(no jokes please) i had my other ball mount with me, but it was a 1 7/8" ball, and the trailer has a 2" coulpler, i hooked it up and it seemed ok, so i limped on home, went and bought a new class IV ball the next day.

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