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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MS_SURVEYOR, Jun 5, 2010.


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    What blew my mind was not so much as it was an Ariens 2448XL, and he was bush hogging tall brush. But on that steep slope looking like a sure footed goat. I really got on the edge of my seat when he stopped and backed up the slope in reverse!! I'm telling you Rob is either good or crazy. And the Ariens 2448XL makes it look easy.

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    Watching this video prompted me to look at Gravely/Ariens as an option for a residential ZTR for my property where I mow about 1 1/2 acres.

    I called my local dealer, and I think I can get a good deal on a Gravely ZT XL 54. Looks like a nice sturdy residential mower, and the price is very competitive (under $4K).

    Anyone have thoughts on what makes this mower perform so well on the hills and tall grass?

    It looks like a well built mower, but nothing radically different from others I've looked at (Scag Freedom Z 52, JD 445 54, Cub Cadet RZT 50, Toro 5035, Bob-Cat FastCat 52...Hustler, Bad Boy dealers too far away...nothing in my league for ExMark or Ferris).

    Thanks in advance for your insight!
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    I won't do it, cause $100's worth of damage to the mower that way,
    just one bent blade = $20 then again he may have been compensated.

    But I will say you can point a Z nose first down slope so long you got space down below to run it out,
    it's when there's nothing at the end of the slope that it becomes a problem, also I wouldn't do it on nice turf.

    Don't ask me how I know these things.
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    Is it that the Ariens XL mower has a lower center of gravity that makes it better for hills? Or better hydraulic controls accuracy? Or is the operator just a ZTR stud?

    I only ask because in a different post (can't find it now) showing the same video, there were quite a few comments that the hill performance was exceptional, but it's not clear to me why.

    I'm not so impressed by the brush hogging...seems like you could ram any mower in like that and it would cut something, but as you said at what cost in blades and deck damage...wouldn't try that at home.
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    You observed some lawn crews doing this right........?Thumbs Up

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    I've got to say that aussi dude is just good. Kind of hard to explain how he stopped on that slope and backed up? Then again I didn't like the way he was discharging into the landscape areas!
  7. Islander10

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    So your thinking its operator skill vs. something unique about the Gravely XL mower?

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