I got a call today, guy selling traffic

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Duekster, Dec 8, 2012.

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    If he didn't explain what that actually means, Google is finally applying the criteria and signals they have for content to the domain names. If you're using an EMD, does it work in harmony with the site and is it relevant to what someone is actually looking for? I have quite a few great exact match domains that haven't been hurt, with two climbing due to the targeted, spammy sites that were ahead of them getting buried. I'm ecstatic to see Google finally make the move.
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    Part of the battle I fight (I believe) is that I am the only landscaper in my area (it appears) who is gunning for page 1 without having landscape, landscaping, or landscaper in the URL. A few have EMD's unrelated to the business name- but related to our industry- and they seem to be doing just fine. A couple really low quality sites (one was for sale for years) w EMDs have disappeared from the SERPs.
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