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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LBOperator, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. LBOperator

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    Man I'm stoked, it's not a new Scag or Ferris but it's still big time to me. It's a John Deer HD45 48" deck Hydro, 14hp Kaw. The deck is in great shape and so is the frame, it mows great but it has a few issues. The engine is leaking oil at the very bottom right above where the drain tube is, looks like the oil pan, idk about these motors but it splits right there. And it's a pull start engine but the deck is running off of a stand alone battery. Do these motors produce a charge from an alternator to power the pto and it's just not hooked up? I am going to try and clean the outside of the engine up tomorrow and see if it just needs tightened. I also got an extra 14hp Kaw with it and it has no leaks, I may just do a transplant. Also it wants to run a little harder on the right side than the left, it's not terrible but I have to keep the right lever depressed some to keep it straight. Guys I'm in there, any advice I would surely appreciate and if I should put the mechanical questions somewhere else just let me know. If it wasn't dark I would be working on it now, lol.

    2013-06-23 21_24_30.jpg

    2013-06-23 21_24_47.jpg
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Where is the Commercial Mower I don't see one
  3. LBOperator

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    Must be a gator hater.
  4. zacher

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    leaking oil doesnt seem like a big idea... until you burn steaks into the grass in the pattern you cut...

    Working at a golf course my very first day I got put on a mower to mow the rough around the bunkers....well didnt know it but somewhere on the cart path between 3 and 4 popped a hydraulic wire...needless to say you could see a well streak and trace exactly where I went around the entire course for a while...
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    O no I love to eat gator
  6. Green Clean

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    Glad to hear it man! I love hydros sadly mine is belt LOL. Now give us the details about what it cost you and then go mow some grass!
  7. LBOperator

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    Well I traded my super clean 4212 Simplicity for it, so I guess I got it for around $500. The guy was a truck driver who got hurt last year and bought the mower a year a couple years earlier from a Ritchie Tractor John Deere (I verified it) he was broken up pretty bad and said this mower bottom slammed him once and it runs away from him all the time. He just wanted a good old fashioned made of steel riding mower than needed nothing and had been took care of. Enter Mr. LB, personally I think God helped me on this one because I prayed about it and everything else is history.
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    The picture is in black and white because of the mower age.


    Just kidding. Best of luck with it.
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    How dare you talk down about "Green Lantern" he can telepathically here you guys, he just tried to come through the back door but luckily from the leaking oil he slipped. :D
  10. LBOperator

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    Hey guys I'm also wondering what's the first things I need to do to this mower, I'm going to change the oil obviously because I have to drop the sump and fix the leak. I am also going to hit every greasing spot I can find. Do I need to adjust the hydros or anything, just looking for recommendations. Also what is the best oil for the Kaw engine?

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