I got a couple of questions


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First of all how do you guys decide what to charge for mowing, i've been just pulling a price out my head, and comparing the yards i mow now, but people are wanting me to mow bigger yards and i don't know what to charge.<p>next, i've got a home built trailor it's a 6x9 (farmer built special) it's got 15&quot; tires and the axle is a straight axle off an old 4x2 truck, the damn thing bounces all over the place, the tires on it are pretty wide, i just wondered if you guys had any ideas how to fix it. (it also doesn't have any springs, that's what i think the problem is)


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BW-<p>I would say your ride problem is with the suspension. You need something to soften the ride. You can buy a pair of leaf springs at your local auto store and weld them on, it isn't that hard to do. <br>As for the pricing you have to figure out how long it will take you, are there any obstacles to mow/trim around. And you need to know what it is going to cost you to be on that job (labor, equip,employees??? etc..) do they want it bagged etc.. And go from there. Hope this helps some.<p>Mike<br>Greenkeepers


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bw, there is all kinds of info already here. Go to the top and use search - type in &quot;pricing&quot; for about 27 discussions and the word &quot;charge&quot; for about 30 more. Lots of great info. Good Luck.

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