I got a visit from Homeland Security’s ICE

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    I also see RAHN on their previous sites...
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    If you do your tour youre given a green card... thats well known as a route to citizenship. We literaly have recruitment offices in 3rd world countrys lol. They all still must know english.

    But anyhow does that dude leaning over have a man bun? Guy in sun glasses couldnt look more ******.

    Dont think thay can random i9 inspect you.

    The administrative inspection process is initiated by the service of a Notice of Inspection (NOI) upon an employer compelling the production of Forms I-9. By law, employers are provided with at least three business days to produce the Forms I-9. Often, ICE will request the employer provide supporting documentation, which may include a copy of the payroll, list of current employees, Articles of Incorporation, and business licenses.

    By law you have 3 days after notice.
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    Let’s put it this way - I will no longer answer the door for anyone I’m not expecting. I live in a very remote area, and we’re seldom there. And if they come again, and I’m home - I will not come to the door.

    They also send certified letters. You are not required to pick up certified letters. I will not go to my post office and pick up any certified letters, unless I know who it’s from.

    I’ve acquired a hate for DOT inspectors and immigrantion auditors!
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