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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Jun 26, 2009.

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    No arguement needed. The system just is not the way you described it.

    Sitesolutions has the right idea.

    If you want to see some supporting docs let me know. Heck fly down here and we'll take one apart. :)
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    ?? Got a link or website ??
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    Originally Posted by Total Earthworks
    My understanding is that the Komatsu utilizes a unique Closed loop load sensing system with integrated power control within the hydraulic system. Certainly having test driven various other skid steers such as ASV's, cats etc significant difference is noted in the way the machine manages anti-stall. Other machines give the clear indication that anti-stall is managed through the fuel pump resulting in significant variation in engine rev's and power when bogging into a pile. The komatsu maintains constant engine rev's and instead varies the hydraulic flow to match speed to load, accordingly, as the load increases when bogging into a pile, the hydraulic system reduces the speed of the machine, slowing rotation of the wheels and increasing torque and traction. To some this may appear as being under powered as it will not spin the wheels, however what it does mean is consistent full buckets, minimal tyre wear, less ground disturbance and less shock loading on the machine

    From a usability perspective, I prefer the Komatsu

    Just my two cents worth

    This is the basic theory of how it works. Pumps don't create pressure just flow.
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    Now that is well put!:laugh:

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