I got fired today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jon Cunniff, Apr 20, 2019.

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    Lost one today as well. People claimed they had no money. Cant afford the $35.00 weekly mow. Ironically they called this evening - they were looking for a storage unit for there new camper. I own a storage facility and now I get $100 a month for 12 months instead of mowing. No word though about not having money 3 hours ago when they called!
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    They need to hide their toys from repo man.
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    That's great.
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    so you get the roughly the same money regardless. :laugh:
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    A look at the other end. I was at an on-site consultation today. I pull up and a company has 2 crews there putting in mulch. I get out and the lady is already outside with her dog. I introduced myself and go through the whole I see you have a company now why the switch. It came down to they don't offer a organic program. So they want to drop the company completely.

    You might lose some cause of a cheaper price. But you may also be losing to a company that is willing to offer services your not. If all your doing is mowing a yard what else are you doing to be better then the next guy. Easy online billing? Outstanding customer service? Easy sign up? Let's be real your lawn mowing ability will not set you that far apart from the next pro. So you need to go that extra step to make yourself stand out.
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    all well and good, and I couldn't agree more.
    but that puts you in the place of additional help for all these additional services-which puts you in the nightmare world of today's labor pool, and we all know where that is.
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    I wouldn't say that. I've been successfully doing it solo now for a few years. It doesn't have to be just additional services that set you apart. Your image from your advertisement to how you show up to the estimate can make a huge difference. You can make it super easy to sign up for services with online forms and payment options. Lots of ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd without having to hire employees.
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    Depends on what you offer.

    Just another example added to what Jc said.

    I mow, aerate/overseed, leaf cleanup and snow removal for mowing clients and any neighbors of mowing clients. I do nothing else.

    I have a company that doesn't mow, but they do landscaping and lawn treatments....they also aerate, but we have a deal...if they are MY mowing client first, I get the aerating and overseeding....if they are his client first and they refer me for mowing they get the aerating and overseeding.

    Plus all my clients get a list of phone numbers for other things...My whole family is pretty much a trade family. Uncle is a Master Plumber, owns his own business....Dad is a retired carpenter, another uncle is in HVAC, another works in concrete, another is an electrician. A few of my clients have used my relatives for odd jobs up to remodels and room additions.

    I also keep an eye on their property. I've caught loose gutters, shingles. or noticed the piles of sand outside the gutters and mentioned possibly needing a new roof....Noticed AC units clunking...A nice text "sorry to bother you but I was mowing your lawn today and noticed your gutter hanging, AC clunking etc. etc. etc......Client had a new deck built, last week I noticed Carpenter bees swarming it...let him know.. issue fixed. Some properties are fine and no issues and on invoice day I send a separate email stating that everything is fine on the property and thanks for the business.

    I also offer online payments, a lower minimum for leaf removal ($125 vs $150) and aerating ($85 vs $100) for mowing clients vs non mowing clients.

    Most recent count, I have only lost 4 clients over 8 years to a lower price that I can verify as the reason. A few other clients mentioned buying a new mower or didn't give a reason so maybe a few more, but not a bad number at all.
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    I would not let them off the hook personally without putting them on the spot. I had something similar happen to me, but not due to weather. I feel as someone else stated, there is something else to the story. Nothing you can do at this point, so I say make them tell you the truth.

    The card I would play personally is I would call them and just say it has really bothered me and I thought you fully understood why I have not been out in two weeks. I just don't see how you can let me go for that reason as it has nothing to do with me but rather the weather. I figured there must be some other reason I just am not aware of. I just want to make my customers happy and I use every experience as an opportunity to better myself so I don't run across the same issue with another customer. I just wanted to get the real reason you hired someone else so it can be a learning experience for me. I then usually say, if people find a lower price I totally understand. But anything other than price, I just feel I deserve the opportunity to know what I did wrong, even if I am not given a chance to fix the problem. I just like seeing what they say. Haha

    My situation is I had 4 houses all next to each other once. 3 of the 4 were all older widowed ladies, and they were all friends. One of the 3 didn't really like me, I could tell. Just over simple stuff, but she was a little rude, and I could tell our personalities clashed. Well when she dropped me, the other 2 friends dropped me as well, like all within the same month (not obvious, right??!!). One called and just made up crap about why she was dropping me. Her statement was, I just need someone that can do everything that needs to be done without having to be told. Me: What am I not doing that you are having to tell me to do? Her: Well like I want someone to trim the bushes without having to be told...

    Me: But I gave you a price for what you wanted. You wanted me to cut the grass and cut the shrubs from time to time whenever YOU felt like they needed to be trimmed. Therefore that means you have to tell me when YOU want them done as that is what was discussed and you never told me to do them when I thought they should be done. Her: rambling and not finding anything else to say...I said, ma'am if you want someone else to service your property I understand. I just like people to be truthful with me as I don't want to feel I have done something wrong without knowing what I have done. I just like putting them on the spot without really making them mad. lol
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    cut a long time client yesterday who came out to touch base, he reminded me I've now been cutting him for 30 yrs. (almost hate to admit that! LOL)

    I was thinking more along the lines of landscape/mulch/hardscape
    All of which are labor intensive, which is why I network with the local guys I've known for years, fert. apps, landscape, snow, etc. are all referred to them, who in turn send me work.
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