I got hit for the first time.

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by tamo, Sep 27, 2008.

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    About a week and a half ago I had two gas cans and my Stihl chainsaw ripped off from my trailer parked at home. I always have the compartment locked, but somehow forgot that night and wouldn't you know it, gone. Funny thing is my hedge trimmer and another gas can weren't taken.

    Last night I come home from working to find the side door of my garage kicked in from the inside out. That means someone had to hop the fence or go through a gate but kicked out the door to leave. The guy didn't take ANYTHING. I had most of my mowing equipment with me. My aerator, thatcher, tiller were locked up, but my Magna-Matic, air compressor, and tools were ripe for the taking, but nothing.

    Its bad enough to take my stuff, but someone creeping around my house in the middle of the day has me thinking this guy is getting bolder.

    If anyone's curious I asked the cop who came out to file a report about my rights defending my home. I don't own a gun but he said I could take any measure I felt necessary if I felt threatened. He said I could beat the guy with a bat if the guy didn't backdown and leave if confronted.

    Off to home depot this morning to get a new door and motion lights. Also thinking about leaving my pit bull outside during the day. Funny thing is the candy ass would probably lick any intruder to death before biting anyone.
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    sounds like my dog lol

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