I got my first account and did not lowball...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mrusk, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. mrusk

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    If you guys been reading my post you know that i am starting up a landscape comapany in the spring. Right now i am working on lining up lawns. I got a lead on a lawn, where the people were paying a big company in town 70 bucks to mow. I go look at the lawn, walk it 3 times. This lawn has no obtacles, no flower beds, and about 2 mintues of trimming. The grass is pretty lush. It has some weeds in it, but it has awesome green color. I estimate there is about an acre to mow. Maybe alittle more. These people want to switch services because they are not happy with the current companys service. There company is big and their employess just don't care about quality. I told them i'd mow it for 70 also and it would look alot better. I have no doubt in my mind i can get out of there in less then and hour no proablem with my 60in laser. Maybe less then 45hrs i am not sure.

    The people are going with me for next year. I knew before i went there the people were paying 70 bucks and people i knew told me to bid 55-60. However i did not low ball. I know i can do a better job then their current company, so i knew not to charge less then what their paying.

    In the last couple of weeks i been mowing alot of my neighbors lawns for free to get practice and figure out how long certain size lawns take me. I really think thats going to help me alot in estimating. My goal is to make 60 bucks and hour on every lawn. I refuse to lowball or drop my gate for less then 35-40 unless there are a few houses in a row, where i can still gross 60 an hour.

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    what is it that they were unhappy about?
  3. WeatherMan

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    good job
  4. proenterprises

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    congrats on the new account and good luck next year.
  5. mrusk

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    The lawn just looked like it was cut by a homeowner. Didn't look profesional cut at all. There were some clumps of grass on the lawn too. I know there lawn will stripe good. With my striping kit on the laser their lawn will look like wrigely feild in no time.

    When i do a lawn, i do it to the best of my ablity. When i do any job for someone else, i do the job as if i was doing it at my own house.

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    Keep up the good work, and let it speak for you.
  7. GardenTech

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    After 20 yrs. in the Biz, I wish I had you Euphoric Optimism...
    I'd like to know how many different Lawn Services they've had in the last couple of years...whether they fired the Lawn Guys or the Lawn Guys "fired" them!
  8. dvmcmrhp52

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    Congrats,and best wishes.
    good Idea to do others lawns for practice, Shows great initiative.
    One suggestion about the "won't drop the gate for less than 35-40".......Rethink it until you are in a position to be choosy.
  9. fraz001

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    looking go ,if u do a good job thay will come.

    but some times you must lower you'r $ to get into a good area
    and if u work out a deal to mybe put a sign out.
    stell you'r work will speek 4 it self.

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