I got my new Toy! Have ? on new ZTR........

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cpp, May 6, 2001.

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    Got my first zero turn mower. My wife and I just purchased 4.5 five acres to ad to our 6.5 we had. Used to mow about 2.5-3 of it. Now she wanted to mow about 6 total. Told her needed bigger mower. After finding this site, and spending 4 weeks testing zero turns, (I have over 35 bouchers on every ztr on the market!!)) bought a one year old Woods Mowing machine 2250.
    Question.... seemed hard to hold sticks forward after first hour, so took return springs off and wow much better. Is this ok to leave off?
    Question....My new land is (was) 6 inches long old pasture. Mighty bumpy at 6-10 mph on mower.. will rolling after a heavy rain with rental roller help?

    Question.... can I pull with Zero turn with out damaging hydros?

    Thanks to all for the advice!!!
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    Hello, I've just purchased a Grasshopper which is very similar to the Woods.
    I can't say that I have any problems with the return-springs, if yours are too firm you may want to try replacing them with a weaker spring. The only problem I can see with removing them completely is the safety aspect of them returning to neutral if no pressure is applied, bringing the machine to a stop.
    Bumps, it depends on how uneven the terrain is, it certainly can't hurt to roll it. If the 'dips' are too deep you'd have to take the tops off and fill the shallow spots in, depending on the degree of un-eveness you may be able to drag a box-style grader over it to acomplish this.
    As far as pulling goes, the dealer selling me my machine told me that I can pull everything just like before, you just have to take the zero turn into account - making wide turns when pulling. However, when he delivered the unit and saw my home-made roller he retracted that statement. I guess you wouldn't want to pull too much of a weight with it. At the same token, I don't think the Home-Depot rollers will do you much good. A friend of mine pays $100.- every year and rents a drive-on self propelled roller from an Industrial outfit.
    I keep an old Bolens tractor around for the sole purpose of rolling, aerating, snowblowing, etc.
    Good luck, hope this helps.

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    one fella with a shop told me the problem with
    pulling is that these machines bearings arnt made for pulling.coulda been just trying to sell me a tractor
    i dont know

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