I got to fire a customer today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by siclmn, Jul 5, 2007.

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    You know the type. Every so often a new plant would appear in the yard just stuck in the grass somewhere. I was expected to be careful around it until it grows up, maybe in 10 years or so. Ratty plants and trees will stay for "maybe they will get better next year". Nothing was ever watered and no hoses existed anywhere. Today when I showed up they had done some landscaping on their own. They had a yard of compost mulch delivered and as she put it "it took all weekend to get rid of the pile". It was piled about 6 inches over weeds and grasses in places sothat it looked better to them and it was sprinkled under all the fir tree branches where grass will never grow. A new park bench was installed near a corner of the yard on the grass. You get the picture. I had started to mow the yard and after 5 min. I just said f%#k it and loaded up. I was starting to write a note on the bill which said no charge for I am quitting your yard when she came out to see why I didn't finish. I just told her that the yard was too much of an obstacle course for me to maneuver around and it was too much work. She said "I understand" and I left. Boy I feel great never having to do that yard ever again.
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    But now dont you have to pay unemployment? "firing the customer" was one of bobby g's things, and stealing it just makes you look.............

    I would have told them I have to cancel the service, or charged them more.
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    Where in Bellevue do you cut? I only see mexican crews out here.
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    North of Bell Square and you are right. I have never had a conversation with any of my competition.
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    Se habla espanol?

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