I hate fire ants

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QC Lawn Services, Aug 26, 2004.

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    Mowing a lawn last night and a pile of ants were right underneath a downspout. I had to trim, but it also sent the little bast***s flying and a few landed on me. They bite with stealth, then leave you with little itchy, puss filled bumps. I HATE them.

    I am originally from the North and had no idea about these little guys. You seeon learn to avoid them as much as possible.

    I am still trying to figure out what purpose they have on this earth.
  2. Gravely_Man

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    Although we do not have fire ants here most of my family is in the south. Those little guys can really hurt you. Hopefully you didn't get covered by them.

  3. moremowing

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    Come accross them all the time, attack there mown fast and knockdown the grass, then run like he.. once they sense something on their mound they go into attack mode, man i hat fire ants.:mad:
  4. drains

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    According to the newspaper in my hometown this happened on 8/21/2004 I removed names to guard thier privacy.

    An 89-year-old woman apparently survived three days of 90-degree heat and Thursday’s thunderstorms after falling outside her home earlier this week, according to Police.

    Neighbors on Friday morning discovered (name removed) lying in the grass, covered with FIRE ANTS, near the garbage bins outside her *****street home. Emergency responders found (name removed) conscious when they arrived at the home.

    "She's a pretty tough lady to withstand all that," police Lt. (name removed) Friday.

    Although the police were awaiting a final report from the elderly lady's doctor regarding a few bruises found on her body, they found foul play didn’t appear to be a factor.

    "Everything looks consistent with her falling," he said.

    It was an accumulation of four newspapers in (name removed) driveway that signaled something was awry when next-door neighbors (names removed) passed by on their way to the grocery store Friday morning.

    "It was unusual," she was known to regularly bring in her newspaper.

    They said they usually drive the opposite direction on **** Street when running errands, which was why they didn't notice the growing pile sooner. But Friday morning they drove past her driveway and were immediately concerned when they saw the newspapers still lying on the edge of her short driveway.

    "We didn't see her until we came back from the grocery store," they said.

    Her husband immediately called police.

    Based on the number of newspapers, they said they felt she had fallen Tuesday morning while trying to set out her trash. Tuesday is the day the city empties garbage cans on her Street.

    The neighbors were upset that no one -- themselves, her church family or her son, included -- had checked on her in the past four days and that she apparently had been exposed to the elements during that time.

    "She's very independent," they said of their neighbor, whom they've known since they purchased their property in 1992. "She's told us before, ‘If I need you, I'll call.”’

    Her closest living kin is a son who lives in Arlington, they said.

    "She was pretty much on her own," the police said. "She has a good working mind, went to church regularly and told her neighbors, ‘I'll call you.’

    "Bottom line is she's a tough lady.”

    Even if she had called for help during the past few days, the neighbors said they never heard anything.

    If you have elderly neighbors who live alone, check on them."

    Talk about tough!!

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