i hate my job


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i hate my office job, i want to mow and lanscape so bad i can taste it. i just need the accounts to go full time. sorry just had to vent, probably off topic but damn i hate being inside, i don't care if it's 20 degrees or 100 degrees.


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bw...<br>whats' holding you up from doing it? why don't you go part time this year and shoot for full time down the road. i know what your talking about...i was a state employee working in a prison. lawn maintenence is better for your well being..<p>good luck and go fer it!


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Ajourney of 1000 miles begins with the first step!

steven Bousquet

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a journey of a 1000 miles also ends with a single step.<br>takes guts to go out your own and i never advise anyone to start there own landscape business because you and i know only %5 of us has what it takes to make to that last step. good luck.


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bw, I'm ramping up to get into the lawn service/landscape biz myself. It's your life, go for it. Don't let anyone tell you you can't make a decent living doing what you want. Every business has risks and downsides. Do your DD, have a business plan and jump in with both feet running. Good luck.


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I'm in the same boat bw. I have 2 Walker's a wbh Toro, truck assorted trailers, almost all the smaller gear I need. Phone book ads, newspaper ads, fridge magnets, flyers ready, business cards. BUT I'm not quite ready yet, I have a big want list yet and the day job will pay for it all before I start. Too many of the guys I work with had to come crawling back, I'm not going to do that. I fugure by next Spring I will have everything I need and they will be paid for except for a brand new truck( my treat for working so many ot hours)<br> I wrote my pesticies exams today so that will be in order too. It's going to be a long year.


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Its one thing to putter around in the lawn service business. Its a whole different ballgame to depend on it completely for your living. Not nearly as fun. No benefits etc. No paid vacations. Each year having to scrounge up business against stiff competition.

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