I hate my neigbor

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scenic Lawnscape, May 7, 2004.

  1. Scenic Lawnscape

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    It all started back in the winter, I had one of my part-timers come over as we are getting pounded with snow, he parks 2 doors down, my neighbor comes over and tells him to move his truck, he responsed is " its the fuc@@ng street lady" here comes the husband who happens to be a federal agent (immigration) with a a baseball bat, takes a swing at him and says he is sorry10 min later . well 6 weeks ago I get a knock on the door, its the police, saying that i cant park my trailer in the street, it was there for a few days since i was working on the truck in the driveway. Ok fine I put in the back yard, then a few weeks ago I get a knock on the door and its the city, they are advising me that they received a written complaint that i was running a business out of my house, well he proceds to tell me that I can do that no law saying i cant and i just need to keep my trailer in the driveway and my equipment either in the gargae or on the trailer. well today, you guessed it the city came by and left a letter saying that i cant store any equipment at my house, another complaint from the neighbor. So i guess ill have to park my truck some where else because that is part of my equipment has logos all over it. I guess ill have to go get a storage unit and start going there every day because i have a pita neighbor. So when they get there grass cut on SUNDAY im going to file a complaint, just to be a A@@hole, saying that im frustrated with this company coming by on sunday and using large equipment early in the morning, just to upset them a little. Any other ideas to get back at my neighbor???

    Just had to vent a little

  2. Pecker

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    Tough one. . .I can understand them wanting the equipment off the street and perhaps the equipment on the trailer to keep things looking pretty. But they wouldn't leave it alone and now the rules are even changing just to spite you. Darn right they deserve to be gotten back at. No sense letting somebody bully you, especially when you are not in the wrong.

    However, I think it would be wrong to punish their yard guy for coming on Sunday. We all know how tough this biz is anyway.

    The problem with this sort of thing is that you can't do anything illegal to get back at them, just as they aren't doing anything "illegal" by complaining on you. . .other than making false claims, wasting mine and your tax dollars, etc. So you have to fight fire with fire.

    If I were you I'd find SOMETHING to get them in trouble, even if you have to lie a little in order to get them harrassed just as they have done to you.

    One idea: Get the police involved and tell them you are being harrassed and false claims are being made against you (assumming you can prove they are false). Then find some kind of complaint or restraint to place on them. Maybe you can find something they are doing that you could put a restraining order on them so they can't come within so many feet of you, which include their house so they would have to move. . .I know extreme and impractical example, but hopefully it gets you thinking. Do they have a dog that barks at night or someone who visits or lives there that plays loud music? - Disrupting the peace. Has your newspaper ever gone missing from your front yard? - That would be theft you know.

    Think real hard, there's bound to be something. But whatever you choose, make sure its aggressive enough to make them scared of you. Any of your friends or relatives attorneys?
  3. Turf Medic

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    I would just move the equipment to a storage and call it a lesson learned. Your man started the whole thing, this one thing that you need to teach all of your employees, be kind to everyone.

    Really sucks that his mouth has caused you so much trouble, but if this neighbor is in fact federal employee, be it right or wrong, you aren't going to win this battle.
  4. mtdman

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    Burn his house down?
  5. kc2006

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    I know in my county you can have your equipment wherever you want on your property, and you can run your business out of your garage just as long as you arent selling anything retail. The guy i used to work for had a pita neighbor like this that kept calling zoning on him and after awhile they just quit going when she would call (he worked for the city so he knew them all) and like they kept telling her, as long as no retail is being sold its not illegal. So she moved. So just wait it out and 25 years down the road it will be fine. :D
  6. robertyb

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    I am A State Agent. Have been for 31 years. Does not give me any right at all to tell you what you can or can't do as far as parking on City right of way. If I come out and threaten you I have just broken the law. If I swing at you with a baseball bat I have just commited a Felony offense, assualt and battery with criminal intent. F---K the guy, take out a warrant for his arrest on local level and let him play by the rules.
    He might carry a badge but that does not make him God. He is actually supposed to be held to a higher standard of conduct than the general public is. Fry his ass.
  7. Scenic Lawnscape

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    since the baseball incident happened a few months ago can i still press the issue??
  8. jim dailey

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    your employee got him to come out with a baseball bat. he obviously has a temper. use that to your advantage...SMARTLY. Get his temper going to your advantage, then hang him with a crimminal complaint.
  9. tiedeman

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    I would talk with the neighbor and tell him that he better watch it or you will press charges against him for taking a swing a your employee.

    Don't you love immigration officers. My wife is from Canada and by crossing the border many of times and doing paperwork lets just say that they are nothing but rude and they think their sh*t don't stink. We actually had one officer lose our paperwork and then take a personal phone call during our interview when my wife was sitting right there balling her eyes out because the lady lost the paperwork. The whole time I wanted to pick up a pencil on the desk and stab the lady.
  10. Tonyr

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    Excellent post robertyb, always nice to get the right handle on things, now topgun has a chance of some real justice, this will hurt more than personally getting back as the guys job now will be under investigation, pulls him down a few pegs is what I'm trying to say. He mght be warned to back off even or else.

    the baseball bat thing, you could go down the stress, fear, intimidation etc road, this threat on your life effected you so much you can't be as you were and are constantly ill and have nightmares about this guy killing you etc, you feel great fear when you pass your neighbour's house....violence is violence and effects us all in one way or another...play it to your advantage, this guy is just a bully.

    just a thought anyway..

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