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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, May 30, 2011.

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    Looked at a guy's yard today for a 2 week estimate. Started shooting the bull, etc. I gave him the price and he said "Let me talk to my wife and I will call you later." Haven't heard a word from him.

    Historically when a customer does that to me, I end up getting the customer. As of lately they do it to hear their spouse say no or to watch me drive away never to be seen again. This kills my bargaining chip because had I know he was sub-consciously trying to get out of having me mow, I would have GLADLY dropped my price a little to meet his need.

    Its just hard to draw the line because if he really needed to talk to his wife, that's fine, not a problem. On the other hand if he was just trying to be nice about not accepting my offer and I had known this, I would have said something. Anyone get my drift?
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    its very hard to tell in this time right now. Since many families are living on limited additional income I have noticed a lot of customers saying they want to discuss the proposal with their significant other. It doesnt bother more at all. If they truely are, thats good and I am sure we will hear back. Even if they arent going to and are just using it as an expression, oh well. When I am talking to the customers about the specs on the job i try to feel them out a little and offer them a fair competative price. I am not going to drop my price right away becasue its too high and they are just trying to be nice. Move on to the next. If they call back and say hey, we like your estimate sounds like your good blah blah blah but your price is $5.00 more than the others or can you drop the price just a little bit for us or something sure.

    I personally think your looking and thinking too much into this really
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    Just trying to think how the customer does to get one step ahead is all.

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