I hate the motor always turning off!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 25nbl, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. 25nbl

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    Is there any way to keep the motor going when you let go of the traction control on the new 21" 4 cycleToro Honda 5.5HP motors? Can you rig it somehow to stay on all the time when you let go of the handle? On all my 2 cycles, I have them rigged that way, but can't seem to figure it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. z_clark

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    When standing behind the mower, it is the cable on the right side. Loosen the screw to loosen the black rubber clamp that holds the cable near the top of the mower handle. You can move the cable up or down, then tighten the black rubber clamp back.

    I adjust mine to where you have to let the bail down 75 percent for the motor to shut off.

    I do not know how this fits into the safety of the mower, but figure as long as it turns off when I let go compactly, all is well.
  3. z_clark

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    Oh, and how do you like the honda motor??? I bought my first 4 cycle toro last month and got the Kawi. I don't think I will miss the 2 cycles too much.

    What did the one w/ the honda cost? Mine w/ the kawi was $1030, after tax.
  4. LawnBoy89

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    You paid over $1000 for a 21''?
  5. geogunn

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    sir--why can't you simply tie the controls with a rope/cord/cable/tie wrap to simulate you holding them with your hands? this can't be difficult.

  6. out4now

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    What we did at work before getting the self propeled Deeres we had a lower end Deere trim mower and just tied a plastic bag around the handle just tight enough to hold the bar to keep engine running but loose enough we could untie it easy when done mowing. First Deere trim mower we had was a step above the Sabre model (all the same deck bascically) and the start and stop all the time took that engine out pretty fast. Lasted about a year and we didn't even use it much.
  7. walker-talker

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    Most 21" commercials will cost right around this much.
  8. 25nbl

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    I like the Honda, had no problems, and the mechanic told me that he has had no Honda 4 cycles in for problems yet, unlike the Kawaskis. Paid $929 before tax. I HATE the small gas tanks, hate them....Anyway, my question was that I want the lawnmower to stay on when I completly let go of the handle when I need to pick up some trash or whatever else I need to do. But if you tie the handle up, you have to untie it to turn it off...on my 2 cycles, I put a piece of metal by the throttle and when I turned the throttle cable all the way down to slow speed, it would kill the mower, but if you let go of the handle, it would stay on. But on the new ones, it doesn't work that way, they are totally differen't. Any other suggestions
  9. MisterLandscape

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    I don't want to start a riot here and get everyone mad at me but the safety cut-offs are there for YOUR safety. This goes back to my earlier post which many have called a rant about modifying mowers beyond their design intentions. I really don't understand why everyone tries to defeat safety cut-offs and re-engineer mowers. If you want a 21" that the engine will continue to run after you let go of the handles buy a Honda with the blade brake clutch(BBC). At one time Toro made a commercial BBC as well but not sure if they still do or not.

    If you have any employees and one gets hurt by a a by-passed safety device they own you, your company and anything else of value you have when their personal injury attorney gets done with you and even if you are a LLC or INC a good lawyer can still pierce the vail of corporate protection in a blatent case such as this.

    I had safety cut-offs save my life 2 times in 15 years of commercial cutting. 1) a yazoo walk behind w/ velke would have run me over had it not been for the safety device, really glad it was there as the mower got to about 2 feet in front of me before stopping (thanks Yazoo!!) and 2) I was young and stupid probably around 17(wont tell ya how many years ago haha) and rolled a grasshopper front mount over a drainage swail and nearly ontop of me, glad the blade-seat cutoff was working or I wouldnt have an arm and hand)

    Please don't slam me for saying this I have the best of intentions, accidents happen. Hopefully SOMEONE out there will back me up on this and agree with me.


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