I Hate Wiring Trouble!!!!!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by evergreensolutions, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. evergreensolutions

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    Went to a job tonight. Master valve (DV100) diaphragm needed replaced. Went ahead and replaced entire top half with a DVF100. All zones worked like a champ.

    Then comes zone 6. The last one, but the closest one to the controller. I test my voltage at the clock, 27.5 volts. 521 leads me to a rats nest of splices wrapped in duct tape in the flower bed so I fix that. After the splices, I am getting 24 volts about 20 feet from the controller.

    At some point in the yard, the installers went from 7 strand multi-line to 3 strand multi-line and crammed 2X1 inch valves in a 6" box. Zones 5 and 6 are in the same box. I am getting 27.5 volts to zone 5, but nothing at zone 6. This is multi-line wire in a single wire sheath.

    Common sense tells me that it would be very difficult to cut just one wire (zone 6) but not the other 2 (I know it is still possible). My feeling is that the splice came undone at the conversion from 7 strand to 3 strand. The zone works if I run a whole new 18G valve wire to the controller. I have decided to replace the valve wire altogether. Am I missing something? 106* heat does not lend itself to hand trenching.
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    Put the zone 5 wire on the zone 6 valve. If valve 6 comes on the you know the wire is for sure bad.
  3. evergreensolutions

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    Done. Worked fine. I know the wire is bad. I guess my question is, is there a good way to find the splice from 7 strand to 3 strand. One more bit of info, when I hooked up my 521 to the zone 6 wire, I got no reading on the meter on the 521 unit. When I hooked it up to zone 5 wire, I got a good reading. Does any of that help?
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    :cry:You have my sympathy!
    I am undergoing some of the same troubles myself. Apt. complex, sometimes the zones were working, turn your back, and they don't. Traced wires, re-spliced, :cry::cry:
    Dummies:hammerhead: that installed left all of 2" of free wire in valve boxes, left it exposed where it enters the building, so it's all cracked, frayed due to exposure.

    I'm just going to replace it all, but was just trying to get it working temporarily so the lawn don't fry in the 100 deg. temp.

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    You need a pulser/fault finder 901 to be exact. The lower your 521 reading the closer the problem is to it. When I get a weak 521 reading at max strength (5 I think) that tells me my problem is very close to where I'm hooked up at.
  6. evergreensolutions

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    My ground will be close to it, or my "red wire" will be close to it? I am getting 0 for a reading at max strength.

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    Red wire.............
  8. evergreensolutions

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    Who makes the 901? I can't find it on line anywhere.

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    Greenlee fault finder, A frame looking tool with a small 501 looking box.
  10. Waterit

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    Progressive used to, now I think they go by Tempo. Look on eBay, I've seen some deals there lately. http://cgi.ebay.com/Greenlee-PE2003...2616803QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

    Fimco is right, you'll have to have pulser to find fault. You can try to 521 one of the unused wires on the 18/7 to the end, and hope it gets you to the 7/3 junction.

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