"I have 4 electrical outlets outside you can use"....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jon99, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Jon99

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    Those were words I heard muttered as a lady was showing me her yard while I was giving her an estimate, I thought "here is a lady thats always had a scrub mow and there is no way I am getting this account".. Well low and behold, even though she was paying $15 to have it mowed, when I told her $25 she didn't blink and asked if I could mow it now, said she was tired of "idiots screwing up her yard"....

    Maybe all is not lost...
  2. Navig8r

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    Hmmmmm.... a customer who realized she was actually getting less for paying less?!?!? Are you sure? :eek:

    I gave a guy a quote last week of $50 for mowing..... Fair price for time to be spent...... nice property, $400,00+ home (A neighbor is a friend of mine, just sold his (similar) for over 400,00)
    He asks me if prices have increased because the guy who did it last year only charged $35.00 (That's my minimum to show up anywhere!) Then he proceded to tell me that the guy who cut it last year did a sloppy job, tore the turf, wasn't thorough, etc.......
    I left him with some explanation of my quote, as well as my assurance of quality. Haven't heard from him yet..... I know a kid down the road from him that wants to cut some lawns, maybe I should tell him to go knock on the door and quote him 40.00 :D

    He wasn't leaving the last co.because of quality.... The other LCO wanted to set up a contract, and the customer was not intersted in doing business that way......(Cheap)
  3. Gravely_Man

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    People are not only cheap but sometimes downright foolish. They don't get they are paying a cheap price and getting cheap results. This is not to say pay more and always get a better purchase.

  4. BRL

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    My one neighbor cleans some houses as a side job. One of her clients was complaining about her LCO's and so the neighbor mentioned me. Went to meet the lady (in her 70's I think). In a 5 minute conversation I heard just about every classic scrub story that we have posted in threads here. Contractors yelling at her, pruning bushes incorrectly, not pruning the bushes till months after they needed it, mower broke down guy never came back etc. etc. Sent her the contract with pesticide info sheet we have to provide by law and she was floored. Never saw anything like that. Thought the price was way too high & asked "what happens when it doesn't rain in August like last year & you don't need to cut." Explained that she won't be telling stories like the ones I heard with my my service, and that those other contractors had those problems because they weren't charging enough to cover their costs. She didn't go for it, so I feel bad for her, as she'll have to deal with these problems again. Anyway, happened to talk with the neighbor yesterday about it & she said the lady has plenty of money, so that shouldn't be an issue. Oh well, her loss & her head ache to continue to deal with. LOL.

    Glad to hear Jon99 found a client who has seen the light. Good luck with it.
  5. Darryl G

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    Gravelyman - You got me laughing all over again. Got a call today from a lady in a retirement park that I do one other lawn in. Says she's not happy with her current guy...does a lousy job, and he just left. Great opportunity to see if she's just a complainer or if it's lousy work.

    I had to apologize to the lady because I couldn't stop laughing! The cut was so uneven that he must have been running flat out with dull blades, no HP and a flat tire. I've never seen anything like it. He just wandered all over the lawn, hardly a straight line anywhere, and he missed a big patch in the back and didn't trim the walk.

    I quoted $25 since it's small, down the road from my other account and she seemed nice. My minimuim is usually $30 (I only have one other at $25). She say's she can't afford it, she's only paying $21 now.

    So for $16 dollars less a month she'd rather have her lawn look like it was cut by a drunk 10 year old with a weed wacker. Amazes me.
  6. Jason Pallas

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    Amazingly enough $16 a month can seem like a huge difference to some people - despite the fact they're loaded. We have customers that have money coming out their butts - yet we'll get dropped for a scrub that will cut it for $1 less.
    Just like you, I'm amazed at the crappy job these people will tolerate all to save a whopping $4 a month!!! I can't shake my head and laugh - because it's so prevelant here that it really affect business. I can only shake my head..... and hope for better days.
  7. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    Some people serve the "dollar" and some people make the "dollar" to serve them.
  8. Rhett

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    New account last week went to give an estimate. First question was "Do you have your own equipment or do you need to use our lawn mower?" Then she went on to tell me where she kept her trimmer as she wanted it trimmed each week. She was amazed that I had a truck, trailer 6000in mowers and my very own trimmer. Go figure :confused:
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    I've had a couple people like that actually. They really do understand that they get what they pay for!!! Chances are that they were looking for a new LCO last year but everyone was booked or was scared away from her like you almost were. I've thought about when giving estimates driving the rig all loaded up as a show of proffesionalism so they can see the equipment. Usually I just take the car since it gets twice the gas mileage and is easier to drive around in town.
  10. FrankenScagMachines

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    Did you ride your bike to the estimate LOL j/k with ya.

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