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i have a 500 gallon spray rig trailer for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mc sealalot, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. mc sealalot

    mc sealalot LawnSite Member
    Messages: 5

    i have it for a winter price of $5800 it is a dual wheel trailer rated for 14000 lbs (beefy for max of 10000 lbs with all equipment and tank filled with sealer) electric brakes, fairly new 16 in tires, extended deck for all related equipment including 50 gallon crack fill oven on v of hitch (oven not included)2 inch shaft for auger to mix sealer dh 400 motor turns the shaft large surge bottle
    brand new honda gx 160 engine runs the hydraulic agitation approx 1hour on it. strong fenders 1 /2 inch verstamatic dual diaphragm pump with extra rebuild kit, a brand new reel craft 175 hose reel with 165 feet of hose with wand, a equipt brush box a 1 gallon filter strainer
    8 horse emglo compressor its a work horse Ive used it for 2 seasons after building this unit from scratch with all the specs coming from the best makers in the business (then some) most components have a (hey i have not been able to kill if taken care of statement on them from many of the experienced sealers from all over (i talked for 2 years to almost every one i could before attempting to build) and used the best i could for everything mechanical needless to say the money i am asking for this unit could be the profit made in 4 days of hard work on a decent size parking lot . has a example what took me 2 hour s to do by hand is now completed in about 35 mins and has better looking results using the machine its hard work but if you plug away at it its worth it ok enough i know you get the point the rig was emptied and winterized and is inside now . so if you need a decent fully equipped spray rig at a very fair price call me and come pick it up 860-213-3697 thank you guys

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