I have a bobby story

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtdman, Nov 9, 2004.

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    This is a good one, I hope.

    So I'm blowing leaves today during a cleanup. I'm parked across the street from the yard I'm in, off in front of the neighbor's house because of the way the driveways line up. It's a sidestreet. I'm parked correctly, legally. Across from where I'm parked is a pile of leaves at the curb that the neighbor put there for the pickup tomorrow. It's not a huge pile, or even a big pile, but it's sticking out into the street a bit. Not enough to impede traffic, I made sure people could get through before I parked there. While I was working in the yard, a UPS truck came through and had plenty of room.

    So I'm blowing leaves. Down the street comes a woman waving at me. I stop, take my headphones off and turn the blower off.

    "Can I help you," I ask.

    "My son is handicapped and comes home from school on a bus around 3 pm (it was then 1:30pm) and I don't think the bus can get through the street because of the leaf pile there," she says, in a somewhat elevated tone.

    I look at her and say "and?"

    Again she says "the bus won't be able to get through there."

    "What would you like me to do about it?" I say, as nicely as possible. So far, I don't know what she wants. I'm blowing leaves, so I'm thinking she thought I put them there or I could move them with the blower.

    "I don't know. All I know is that the bus won't be able to get down the street!" she's starting to get angry.

    "Would you like me to move the leaves? Should I pull the truck up, back it up? I'm not sure what you want." I say.

    "I don't know what you should do. You tell me. The bus can't get through there as it is!" She is getting angry now.

    "If I move it up, can the bus get through then? Should I back up, or will I still be in the way? I'm not sure what you want me to do." I'm still trying to be nice about it all, staying calm even though she's getting angry.

    "I don't care what you do. Figure it out. All I know is my handicapped son can't come home because the street is blocked." She's angry now. And that's not true, since cars and trucks have been traveling through the entire time I was there, with plenty of room. And, there are leaves all down the street along the curb for the pickup tomorrow. There really isn't much difference or room for me to move to. Not to mention, the school bus is going to run right through the leaves when it comes, with no problem.

    "Why are you being so rude about this?" She asks. "What do you mean 'What do I want you to do about it'? Why are you giving me such a hassel?" She's starting to scream at me.

    "Ma'am," I say. "I'm just trying to figure out what you want me to do. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to move or move the leaves. I don't know where to move so your school bus can get through and you'll be satisfied." I'm still being calm, and now trying to calm her down.

    "Why can't you figure that out? My handicapped son won't be able to come home now!"

    Again, I try to calm her down. "Okay, I'm just going to pull my truck down the street so I'm well out of the way." And I start walking to my truck.

    "Why are you being so rude? You are being a jerk!" she screams.

    "No ma'am, I'm not. I'm just trying to understand what you want and get out of the way. You didn't tell me what you wanted me to do, or if you wanted me to move, etc." And I keep walking to the truck.

    "Why do you keep asking me? Can't you figure it out?" she yells. Then she says, "You ******* moron."

    With that I stop dead in my tracks and turn around. "Excuse me? What did you just say?"

    "You heard me, you've been a jackass and a jerk about this the whole time. You are rude and a ******* moron. Why do you keep asking me? Can't you figure it out? Just get out of the way!!" She is now screaming loud enough that the whole neighborhood can most likely hear. And I'm not wanting to fight with her, but I'm also not going to take being called names or told that I've been rude when the whole time I've just tried to accomodate her and been nice about it.

    "Well, I was going to move the truck. Now I'm not. I don't need to take your abuse, it's not called for, and you lady are being the rude one." I say.

    "You're not going to move? My son can't come home then!" She screams and adds many curse words that I don't think I need to repeat to get the point in. And continues to swear at me.

    "That's your problem now. I was trying to be nice about all this, accomodate your wishes, and you had to get nasty. Now I'm not moving, I'm going back to work, and you need to leave me alone. That bus is going to run right through those leaves anyway like the UPS truck did 10 minutes ago." And I start walking back to my blower.

    She pulls out a phone and starts looking at the number on my truck.

    "That's my number, lady. You can call it, but I'm standing right here."

    "Well, I'm calling someone. You are an *******!" And she keeps swearing at me.

    "Why don't you call the police? If you don't I will, because you are harrassing me now."

    After which she swears at me again a few times and then I go back to work. She stands there swearing and waving her hands around while I blow leaves. She finally starts walking back to her house the whole time yelling at me and giving me dirty looks. I finished up 20 minutes later and left before it was even 2:30pm.

    Now, I don't understand what I did to provoke this. I was friendly and calm the whole time until she called me a ******* moron. She insisted that by asking her "What would you like me to do about it" I was being a rude jerk, while I was just asking her what she wanted me to do. It's not a very big street, and with the driveways the way they are there is only so many places for me to park. I didn't know what she wanted me to do. Even after she yelled at me and was rude, I was going to move the truck for her. But then she turned into a total wack job. Is it a full moon or something?

    I might add, I'm there at that house twice a week to maintain the yard throughout the season, for 7 seasons now. I've never seen this woman before, and there are routinely various service trucks and lawn care people coming and going through the neighborhood. The people who live at that house also park in front there all the time. I wasn't parked in a bad spot, or in the way, or doing anything wrong.

    The problem was, this lady could only think about her perceived problem with the bus not getting down the street. She only offered up the problem to me in a statement. She didn't ask for the leaves to be moved, or me to move my truck. She just plopped the statement down for me and then had no solution for the problem. I asked her several times what to do, where to go. She just got belligerant. So many people don't want to solve a problem, they go into something like that looking for a confrontation. All she had to do is say "Can you pull up a bit? I think that the bus might not be able to get through there." and the whole thing would have been avoided. Instead I think she wanted a confrontation because no matter what I offered to do, or what I asked her I should do, she was nasty. You don't solve a problem that way. Too many people aren't looking for solutions, only looking to point out a problem and whine about it.

  2. tiedeman

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    I have a feeling they were her leaves and she wanted you to take care of them...free of charge
  3. mtdman

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    No, she didn't live at the house they were in front of. There's nothing to take care of, the city pickup is tomorrow.
  4. tiedeman

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    then she just wanted to complain. If I was you, I would have called the cops just to shut her up and make a point to her
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    haha You must of had quite the day. You did the right thing. Now this is me but when people are yelling at me like that i think it is more fun to be calm because thats gets them going even more. Hope that doesn't happen again!
  6. specialtylc

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    WOW! could that story have been any longer? :)
  7. jbell113

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    Some people are unbelievable but you kept your cool and that is something most of us could not do.
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    MTDMAN--for this to be a BOBBY story, you would have had to bet the old bat $5000 dollars the short yellow bus couldn't get through past the leaves and your truck and trailer.

    and after the short yellow bus did pass.......you would then have to WELSH on the bet............

    and that would be a BOBBY STORY.

    GEO :)
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    I had a psycho bout like that a couple of weeks ago. My family owns a vacant lot in town. The lot is 50x150 very small. We used to own the house next door as well as the lot but only sold the house. Anyway, I was mowing up the leaves which takes about 10 mins if that and this b!tch comes out yelling and screaming that i am making too much dust and that i am going way to fast. I said "ma'am it doesn' tmatter how fast i go there is going to be dust. The faster i go the sooner i will be out of here." She then says "the dust is getting in my house." I said close the windows then!" She then goes on to say that she is going to call the owner of the mowing company...i said go ahead the phone in my pocket is going to ring." Then she is like "then i am going to call the property owner" And i said " oh my dad, he's sitting in the truck" Then she just flipped me off and went inside.

    Then just this weekend i drove by to see if i needed to take care of the leaves again and she was in the back of her house raking them, and i couldn't decide if i needed to make a dust bowl again. I didn't cause i didn't wanna be a d!ck but i would have been funny!
  10. mtdman

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    Honestly, for this to be a bobby story I'd have to sue her for something and take her to court.


    I was more dumbfounded that she was being rude and calling me names when all I wanted to do was get out of her way and accomodate her. Some people just don't get it.

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